Chicken Allergy

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Help! I'm allergic to chicken, eggs, fish, and other malansa/oily foods!

Everytime i eat them, i get this very itchy skin disease with pus inside (sorry kung gross) :depressed2: sometimes i wake up in the middle of thie night just to scratch them. :hopeless: sometimes, d ako tumitigil sa kakascratch hanggang mag-bleed. sometimes also, i even cut them just to apply my ointment directly.

I use Dermovate ointment. May iba pa bang mas mabisa?
I've been having this for a year and a half na. Favorite ko pa naman ang chicken :(

BTW, I usually have them at my feet.

Any reply would be nice! Thanks! :)


  • batang uliranbatang uliran Administrator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Pinakamabisang gamot---avoidance of chicken and the other foods to which you are allergic!

    You might want to see an allergologist (doctor who specializes in allergies) who might be able to desensitize you.

    Do the lesions flare even without eating the foods you listed? If they do, check with a dermatologist as you may have some other type of skin disease that needs a different type of treatment.

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