heard of Abtronics???

Has anyone tried using Abtronics? the one advertised on TV. effective ba 'to to help loose weight or tone muscle? please advice naman. thanks.:)


  • angel_princessangel_princess ...ain't love grand... PExer
    This device that is specifically designed for toning muscle does not make you lose weight. The Abtronic, for all it's hype, gives less obvious results than you would get by spending 20 minutes on a fit-ball. I've worked been using a fitball for less than 3 months and have more definition in my abdominal area and general strength in that area. The moral of the story - there is no quick fix solution to flab. Muscle tone and definition take work. My Abtronic is now gathering dust in the cupboard.
  • bepanthenebepanthene big member PExer
    Angel_princess is right. No quick fix to it. You should improve your diet, get exercise and if need be, get lipo.
  • bunny_katbunny_kat Registered User PExer
    Super bilis masira ng neoprene belt ng Abtronics! Wala pang nagyayari sa abs ko sira na sya. May nabibiling neoprene belt lang kaya lang thousand+ din yon. Not worth it! Wag ka na bili non, sayang lang.

    Btw, what is fitball?
  • 11# UST_guard'9811# UST_guard'98 Camp Lejeune PExer
    doesn't work... i think 20/20 or dateline did some investigatory report tungkol doon.... hindi po totoo.

    Semper Fi
  • tehillahtehillah Member PExer
    thanks. you guys just supported me in saying no good yung abtronics or those easy way slimming program advertised on tv. kulit friend ko e! come to think of it, flabby arms lang problem nya... :D thanks talaga. thousands din yung na save nya...
    i just wonder why they can continue advertising those ineffective products... in effect, they're just fooling consumers! :(

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