Clinica Dermatologia

anybody tried going to Clinica Dermatologia in east ave.? i had a consultation kc with the derma there. I asked about mole removal. she told me that it costs 700 per piece tsaka excision daw gagawin doon.

Doc Ira, ano ba mas magandang way ng mole removal? through excision or electrocautery?

Tska have anybody tried mircopeeling?


  • gi ako nagpapaderma sa clinica dermatologica pero never ko pang naabutan yung dermatologist na si dra. nazal. can u do me a favor please? can u ask kung magkano yung consultation fee sa dermatologist? can you also ask kung magkano magpapeel sa kanila ... thanks.

    theyre good actually. dito ako sa magallanes branch. ask them kung kailan nasa magallanes rin si dra. nazal.

    also can u ask kung ano ang nagagawa ng vita white solution?
    thank u talaga
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    It depends on how big and how deep the mole is. If it's too big, electrocautery may not do the trick.
  • FifiFifi purr... PExer
    doc Ira, so is it advisable to get my big mole removed through excision and the small ones through electrocautery?

    and doc, is it true that micropeeling will not leave your face red? only minimal flaking will be noticed?

    Thanks in advance doc :)

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