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Empanada and other Baked Goods Supplier

We're a Quezon City-based supplier of baked or fried empanadas (restaurant quality) and other baked goods.

We are looking for someone who is interested to resell our products. This is perfect for people who currently have commercial space with heavy foot traffic. Sari sari stores, carinderias, canteens located in busy areas are also welcome.

SRP of empanada is Php 30 pesos. We will give it to you at Php 22.50 per piece. Free delivery within Metro Manila subject to minimum order of 100 pieces (northern MM) and 150 pieces (southern MM).

What it will cost you: Initial inventory of 100 pieces of empanada (minimum order) - P2,250 and acrylic food display case.

Currently, we supply these empanadas at select cafes and offices (by resellers) in Quezon City and Makati. We sell them too in bazaars, occasionally.

Available flavors of empanada are tuna, beef and chicken. We also sell hamburger buns (customized), pandesal, asado roll, banana loaf/muffin, lemon muffin, cinnamon roll, biscuits (baked).

Those who are interested may contact me at 0998 3131992 or may email me at [email protected]. Free tasting may be scheduled in QC.
You may also want to view our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Popinsbreadshop/
Thank you.


  • FAQs:

    Where are we located? We are located in BF Homes, Quezon City. This is where we bake our products. For security reasons, we do not allow visitors to this place.

    Do we have a store front where you can view the products?" We used to have a bakeshop in Kamuning but we closed it down in 2016 and shifted to made-to-order basis/deliveries as we found this more cost-effective. We also limited our products and focused on our best sellers (empanada, banana muffins/loaf and asado roll, buns and pandesal). We have tied-up with a foodstop/store in Cubao (in front of Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral along Lantana St.) where meet-ups, product tasting, and order pick-up can be made. Most of our resellers pick up their orders in this place. If you want to schedule a meet up, we meet you here.

    How much is the acrylic food display Estimates for a basic food display is around 4,000-5,000. We encourage you to buy your own display as we do not sell one. The best kind is a food display which is also a food warmer (around 7k). There are plenty of second hand food warmers for sale on the internet.

    Is the minimum order by product type?. Minimum order for empanada is 100 pieces, any flavor. You may add other products (asado roll, etc.) for a minimum order of 6 pieces per type of bread. Please note that all breads are made to order. We don't stock to maximize the life span of our products for our resellers.

    Expiration of products? It varies per product. This will be explained in detail during meet up.

    There is no cost for you to try/taste our products. Meet with us so we can explain our offer in detail. We're a small business and we plan to expand by partnering up with resellers. :)
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