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zimdudezimdude indietechartist ✭✭
While we're still planning the next Jamming EB... how about setting up an EB (or a series!) at a music place - like a bar, or even a concert!

Me, I've been wanting to check out the jazz places in town. Has anyone been to Jazz Central? Totoong jazz ba yun o "pogi jazz" ("lite" music, y'know). I'm OK for any kind of music, even dance music.



  • raverave Moderator PExer
    Maybe it's already too late to bring this up, but I think UP is holding a Jazz Night some time next week. Never got the details, though. Nakita ko lang kasi while driving along University Avenue. I'll try to look at it more closely next time. :)

    (makes mental note to be keen to UP musical happenings next time :D)
  • zimdudezimdude indietechartist ✭✭
    This looks good! Doubt I can go to UP on a weekday though. Thanks to Richie Quirino for posting at philmusic:

    The U.P. College of Music presents JAZZ AT HEART, a concert featuring the
    U.P.Jazz Ensemble headed by Prof. Reyben Maigue on March 14, Thursday @ the
    U.P.Theater, 7pm.

    The world premiere of compositions and arrangements by Angel Pe?a will be

    Angel Pe?a\, whose musical training has been largely self-taught, earned himself
    a Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music diploma from London, U.K.; a
    Certificate of Merit in Double-Bass Playing from the John D. Rockefeller III
    Fund; and a listing in the International Who's Who in Music.

    Pe?a left Manila for Honolulu, Hawaii in 1969 to join the Honolulu Symphony
    Orchestra as a full time bassist and was musical arranger of the symphony's
    Starlight Concert Series.

    Prior to his move to Hawaii, Pe?a had been an active figure in the jazz scene
    from the late 1930's up to 1969. Initially performing as a guitarist with
    numerous big bands and small ensembles until he chose the double bass as his
    principal instrument, Angel, was the arranger of the U.P. Upsilon Sigma Phi for
    its annual jazz concerts back in the 1950's and 60's.

    At present, at the age of 80, Angel lives a quiet life in California with his
    wife Jo, and still actively writes commisioned pieces. He will be retiring to
    Manila in May of 2002 and has written "Balik-bayan" A Pinoyjazz Fantasy for the
    U.P.Jazz Ensemble.

    Angel, skilfully adapted the folk theme "Planting Rice" and incorporated it
    into his homecoming piece, "Balikbayan" A Pinoyjazz fantasy. His hipness, humor
    and spontaneity, reflects the composers multi-faceted personality and genius.

    "GABE"- composed and arranged by Angel Pe?a for his long time friend and master
    reedman, Gabe Baltazar. The tune was recorded in 1979 by the Stan Kenton Big
    Band where Gabe was the 1st Alto sax player for almost a decade. Gabe appeared
    in the Monterrey and Newport Jazz Festivals and has performed live and at
    recording sessions with Dizzy Gillespie, Benny Carter, Don Ellis and Cannonball
    Adderly. This tune will feature Ding Basbas on the alto sax.

    "TYMHD" a soulful ballad. Angel's arrangement is a statement of passion,
    lushness, orchestral grandiosity and high spirituality rarely found in
    musicians of today. Again featuring Ding Basbas on the alto sax who is already
    in his mid 60's, a world class musician who has been traversing the globe for
    the last 40 years now.

    "Bobby to Bobby Blues" - composed by pianist Bobby Enriquez for his "tukayo" in
    1985 while as a home guest of Architect Bobby Ma?osa, who himself plays the
    keyboards and vibes for the Executives Band. Skilfully arranged by Angel Pe?a\
    for the U.P Jazz Ensemble. Angel Pe?a\, Bobby Enriquez and Bobby Ma?osa have all
    been long time friends and have collaborated on many jazz ventures together
    since the early 60's.

    These pieces are a fitting tribute to a giant of both the classical and jazz

    Charlie Parker's "Photo Finish" will feature the sax section. "Soul Bossa Nova"
    by Quincy Jones, "Caravan" and "Do Nothing Till You Hear from Me" by Duke
    Ellington, Cole Porter's "Love for Sale" featuring Kay Balajadia on vocals,
    Johnny Mandel's "A Time for Love" featuring American trombonist, Ron
    Nethercutt, are just some of many other surprises!

    The U.P.Jazz Ensemble:

    Reed Section.

    Anthony Morris- 1st alto sax.
    Rances de Leon- 2nd alto sax.
    Micheal Guevarra- 1st tenor sax.
    Ryan Zapanta- 2nd tenor sax.
    Noel Merced- 3rd tenor sax.
    Rastem Eugenio- baritone sax.

    Horn Section.

    Ruel Cabrera- trumpet.
    Richie Gonzaga- trpt.
    Ramon Mancio- trpt.
    Jethro Torres- trpt.
    Alma Cabrera- trpt.

    Fernandino Antinero- trombone
    Sherwin Valencia- trbn.
    Sumin Kim- trbn.
    Andrian Antinero- trbn.

    Johnny Torres- piano.

    E.J.Delgado- guitar.

    Simon Tan- bass.

    Jojo Lim- drums.

    Einer Drilon- percussion.
  • davanitadavanita chunky PExer
    uy parang tyfe ko 'to :D

    hi migs! :wave:
  • davanitadavanita chunky PExer
    Originally posted by J?b


    MARCH 9, 2002




    Tickets at p100
    available at the Mapua campus
    or call 532-1031 / 0917-9118734

    Gates open at 7 pm.


    BARBIE'S CRADLE << yeba



    kaya lang it's this saturday na, baka too late for a suggestion :)
  • raverave Moderator PExer
    Yes, Migs, that's the one. :)
  • zimdudezimdude indietechartist ✭✭
    About tonight - I'm free! I just don't feel like going out nowadays (at least by myself) so I'm not too hot on it, and my friends (non-PEx) aren't into these stuff... :(

    If you're interested in tonight at Music Museum (near my house!) please text me +639164237922. Thanks!!


    We can use this thread to coordinate PExers who are going to events!
  • moonshinemoonshine Member PExer
    Sayang ngayon ko lang nabasa iyong tungkol sa Jazz night in UP sked on thursday... manonood na ako ng ibang concert that night.

    I hope whoever is connected with UP and likes Jazz too will keep updating this folder for any more shows like that... I heard medyo regular naman na may show dun, lalo na iyong jazz ensemble ng UP. I'd love to watch them one time cos magaling raw talaga sila.

    Thanks all :)
  • MeijiMeiji oxymoron & gadfly PExer
    Would you happen to know how much the tickets cost and where to get them? Thanks :)
  • zimdudezimdude indietechartist ✭✭
    you like jazz pala? sama ka if we can catch up with some other event! I read that Lynn Sherman has a solo album, baka may promo siya. :D

    what's your type?

    suggest kayo!
  • raverave Moderator PExer
    Hey, any more upcoming events you guys know of? Better if we plan early, para marami tayong mahila! :)
  • zimdudezimdude indietechartist ✭✭
    how about support bands with PExers!
    PEx band people, post your gig schedules!
  • SSJ_VegetaSSJ_Vegeta No, really. PExer
    off topic

    kelan ang anniv ng PEx? ive been thinking.........:teehee:
  • zimdudezimdude indietechartist ✭✭
    PEx started in 1999.
    Are you thinking of a concert?
  • SSJ_VegetaSSJ_Vegeta No, really. PExer
    i meant anong date sa kalendaryo :) concert?let's see.:teehee:

    naisip ko kasi, gusto ko namang pumunta sa eb nyo, and manood/makinig. NEVER pa ko nakakapunta eb ng PEx eh. kaso, im TOO SHY so malamang, kung pupunta ako, isasama ko ung mga pexer na kilala ko na. say, jack_lucas_ph or glenchuy, co founders ko sa pex_magicthegatheringclub. since halimbawang punta kami, magmagic na din kami. then, naisip ko rin na magmagic na ang club ko doon. bale gawin na ring activity ng magicclub. tapos we could call the danceclub, the movieclub, and so on.

    am i making sense? sorry for the flood. ignore me na lang :dizzy: hehe just keep us posted. :hiya:
  • zimdudezimdude indietechartist ✭✭
    ah sorry! July 1999.

    hmm an event is always good, but that takes more planning.

    what type of music do you want to see live?
  • allan_daveallan_dave KSakuraba Guitar Kamehameha PExer
    POP! sana nood tayo ng boybands. lalo na yung Natural, galing nun.....combo na sila tapos nagsasayaw pa edi enjoy sigurado. :P
  • zimdudezimdude indietechartist ✭✭
    mahirap ata kung foreign.
    kung local boybands, eh di... Eat Bulaga? :teehee:

    how about Imago at Amoeba, Eastwood, April 15 (Monday)?
  • mangdiwsmangdiws Member PExer
    makiling ensemble for april

    19 - freedom bar. with purplechickens, dirty kitchen.
    21 - antipolo
    22 - the fort
    29 to may 5 - international tourism convention in korea
  • lech0n 420lech0n 420 Banned by Adm|n PExer
    well...that's a very good idea! :D

    mangdiws' makiling ensemble can be classified as rock, but it's eclectic. yun yung sinusuggest ko sa kabilang thread...wag na lang mag-eb sa rock o pop concert...since it's too common. try something different, like jazz, non-mainstream latin, or however you can classify makiling ensemble's music! :D seen them quite a few times, including in the pex anniv, and they're great!

    zimdude: well, i guess it's a toss-up between imago and makiling ensemble...if you ask me, i'll go for makiling ensemble.

    and since you're asking us to support band with pexers, please do watch out for my new band...which features a few pexers as of now (kung sino sila, di ko pa babanggitin). i'll be singing lead vocals as well as managing... :)

  • zimdudezimdude indietechartist ✭✭
    oh we don't have to choose between one or the other... o sige, lech0n 420, let's watch mangdiws and company! which one? who are purplechickens (parang Pinikpikan ah) and dirty kitchen (where they cook Pinikpikan? :D )

    as for the new band, EXCELLENT!
    andami mo nang fans in the making! :bounce:

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