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Worst TV Evangelist

Inis talaga ako dun sa maliit na maputi ang buhok. Jesus is Lord yata yon. Sabi nya pagnatalo si de Venecia magpapabaril sya.

Bat andito pa sya?


  • Keysersoze: Ang sama mo! :D

    Let's qualify "worst TV evangelist". For me, he would be the one who's exerting every effort to get other people interested, but always ends up making others laugh in disbelief.

    Not to anger his followers or something, but in this case, my vote goes to Bro. Ely Soriano. I just can't help laughing at him in disbelief when he tries to answer those questions. He just doesn't make me believe that what he's saying is a legitimate interpretation of the Bible.

    Peace! :)
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