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Mistakes you saw in some of the biggest movies

Here's one:
Recall in the movie "The Rock" where Nicolas Cage was on a Ferrari chasing Sean Connery on a Hum-B.
Cage's car crashes head-on onto something but the windshield is still neatly intact.
Thee's one more in "Face Off" where Cage's voice should be Travolta's, but wasn't. It's confusing!


  • umm...there is one major flub in saving private ryan...remember that scene when the 8 soldiers are walking in search of private ryan (after the one has been killed)...count the number of soldiers and you will still get 8! go spielberg go!

    Everybody agrees.
  • I'm sure a lot of us here saw Notting Hill... i don't know if it's a mistake or what, but did you notice that everytime they show the outside of the bookstore, on the left you'll see the same adult(male) drying a child's (girl) tears.

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  • there's one in Message in a Bottle. the last letter of Garret. he started with "I..." but wen Theresa read it (after he died that is), the voice over of Kevin Costner said "My life..." Hello directors, be consistent!!!
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator

    I think that the father and child in Notting Hill signified the passing of time. When they were first shown, the father was wiping the tears from his daughter's eyes and comforting her, because it appeared that it was the first day of school and the child was terrified of being left alone. Later in the picture, you'll see father and child again, but this time the child isn't crying anymore since she has already adjusted to school and isn't so scared anymore.

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  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    Yeah Ada, I agree, they used that technique extensively in the movie. Instead of blatantly saying "two years later" or "6 months after", they use scenes to show the passing of time. The best example is Hugh Grant's walk, the one when he went through 4 seasons. At the start of the walk, his sister was very happy with a new boyfriend, and there was a pregnant lady. At the end of the walk, the sister was crying and was fighting with the guy, and the lady was carrying a baby.

    As for mistakes, I saw one in Practical Magic. Sandra Bullock was in the garden when the investigator arrived, and her jeans had mud and soil. She went up to the attic to talk to Nicole Kidman, but when she got there, her jeans were clean. In Driving Miss Daisy (Best Picture, forgot the year), you will notice the moving microphone on top of the screen in many scenes.
  • batang uliranbatang uliran PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Interesting enough to be revived.
  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    There was this one scene in Michael (The angel movie starring John Travolta) when the Angel Michael brought the dog that was hit by a truck back to life, you could notice a microphone oh so slightly visible in the upper left corner of the shot. I kept on replaying this scene on my VHS and it was really there.
  • ewan ko kung mistake nga.. pero merong movie si pareng tom cruise na nasa elevator ba o basta nag-iba yung bangs nya.. nagshift lang ng scene tapos pagbalik iba na yung buhok nya.. kalimot ko kung san eh.. basta meron yun haha
  • While on the topic of boo boo scenes, is there any truth to the Three Men and a Baby scene that had a "ghost" boy standing by the window?
  • MaverickMaverick PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    there was this scene in, i believe, The Return of the Jedi, wherein the spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi was talking to Luke Skywalker. his spirit had a shadow. would've been understandable during the early versions of the trilogy, but they weren't able to remove the shadow come the special edition versions.

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  • Mavi : i've read about the ghost in Three Men and a Baby myth. the "ghost" is nothing more than a life size cardboard cut out of Ted Danson. a prop crew member left it there and forgot to take it out. this info burst my bubble coz i thought i saw a real ghost in a movie...di naman pala
  • Hey, if you guys listen closely to Java the Hut, he speaks tagalog, and so does the Ewoks i've heard. My sister swears to this but i haven't really checked it out myself.
  • pulp fiction... kalimotan ko lang yung exact scene pero yung scene bago barilin nila john travolta yung isang artista... di pa nga sila bumabaril... butas na yung wall sa likod nung artista.
  • Casting Denise Richards as a nuclear scientist in "The World is Not Enough".

  • About those microphones sticking out, they were kind on intentional. Usually kasi when they show those films sa theaters, na ma mask yung upper and lower portions. It all depends on the aspect ratio of the film (sorry for the technical jargon but it has something to do with the film projection size). The theaters here kasi, well the people handling the projector in particular, are tamad and don't follow the recommended projection aspect ratio. Pansin ninyo ba kung na cu-cut yung ulo ng actors or kita yung mga mic sa ibabaw or ilalim? That means inutil yung projector guys.
  • Reviving this.

    "Armageddon", the crying scene Liv Tyler has with Bruce Willis. One point, her hair would be all perfect and in tact. Then they focus on Bruce, then back to her. Then her hair is all over the place. Then all in tact. Then all over the place.

    I think it was edited for the video though. I noticed this on the big screen.

    Also, in "The Little Mermaid". The priest, during Prince Eric and disguised-Ursula's wedding, gets a little [b[too[/b] excited (ahem.. if you know what I mean). You could actually see his excitement through his robe! Though I don't think that it was a "mistake". More intentional by the artists and editors.
  • MEN IN BLACK, the scene where the 2 agents blasted the alien spaceship, which then comes crashing down toward them. There is a point where the 2 agents' positions are interchanged! (ie if Will Smith was in the left of Tommy Lee Jones, next scene Will Smith is on the right of Tommy Lee Jones)
  • forgot the title of the movie but this is not exactly the fault of the crew...it's the movie with 3 dads and a baby named mary. i guess it's three men and a baby...the part wherein the mom of the real father visited their pad, they got into the baby's room then when they got out, a boy standing beside the window...standing against the curtain wearing a white shirt and blue pants appeared! and the film makers claimed that it wasn't part of the movie! try watching the movie so you guys can get a hang of what i'm talking about.
  • Ewoks speaking Tagalog? Yeah, I remember that the first time I watched Return of the Jedi in grade school...

    The Ewok Wickett says "GANDA" to say "nice" when he was given food by Leia. Then, later on in the battle-scene, two Ewoks were running for their lives, and one got hit by laser fire... The other one went to the Ewok who got hit, checked him out, and said "PATAY!..."

    Hahahah :)
  • baduy ko talaga.... puro ingles o banyaga ba? kunsabagay maski sa pilipino bihira din ako. sa mga katangahan, ang di ko malimutan ay isang viva movie - suppose to be, mga estudyante na hawak hawak ay mga 3 ring binders or so, eh na side view - wala lamang mga papel ang mga ring binders! lol!

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