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Mission to Mars

brownpaubrownpau Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
I just watched Mission to Mars, and it sucked. Ugh. Script, effects, music, everything about it annoyed me out of my skull. Sayang talaga.

Anyone else seen it yet?


  • §ínned™§ínned™ Banned by Admin PExer

    The whole Martian community is tracking down the previously Hitchcock-bewitched Brian de Palma right now to decrypt to him some Martian codes on "How Not To Be A Ron Howard".

    Mission to Mars or M2M is a bootless attempt about the very first manned mission to the Red Planet. The cataclysmic space mishap of the initial Mars mission in the year 2020 prompted NASA to hurriedly launch a second mission to solve the mysterious disaster and bring the survivors back to earth. Sounds an amazing Mars Recovery mission, huh? Nah.

    What is so bad and frustrating about M2M is it being a poorly concocted 2001-Close Encounters-Contact-Mission: Impossible-Aliens-Apollo 13-Clockwork Orange-Predator-Bonfire of the Vanities-and-name-another-sci-fi-film-or-soap-opera-here film.

    While I have to agree about M2M being resplendent - camera catching all those optic and hypnotic spells, films like M2M, I believe, still have to be told in a very clear fashion - characters flawlessly developed and baked, dialogues pushing the story, something new and exciting plot, riveting suspense, etc.

    But hey! I found one lil cute humor and something new in the film. That funny astronaut engrossed with creating a DNA profile of his ideal woman using M&Ms is not found in 2001!

    M2M stars the swell cast composed of Gary Sinise (Forrest Gump, Apollo 13, Of Mice and Men), Tim Robbins (Dead Man Walking, The Shawshank Redemption, Don Cheadle (Devil in a Blue Dress) and Connie Nielsen (Home Is Where the Hart Is).

    §inned™ Grade: C
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  • virtualaravirtualara Banned by Admin PExer
    Jerry O'Connell was okay in the film, but I got the horrible feeling that whoever did Gary Sinise's makeup was gay. The high, curved eyebrows and abundance of dark eyeliner made me laugh everytime I saw him. I guess they were trying to make him look sleepy.

    Annoying editing. Gary Sinise is staring at the DNA, then sees a couple of M&M's; sudden flashback half-dissolve to the M&M scene back on the spacecraft. Hello?! Even the dumbest viewer remembers the scene, Mr. DePalma, we get the foreshadowing!!!

    Another one: Gary Sinise is in the pod at the end; smiling to himself in euphoria, when suddenly, we see a series of flashback dissolves to different, supposedly "touching" scenes in the film, with music reminiscent of an amusement park ride in the background. It's so poorly done, so cheesy and clich? it makes my teeth hurt.

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