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To anyone working there: what do I expect from this company? Thanks a lot!


  • chaico
    chaico i'm a girl
    i need answers bout this too ...
  • no pex during office hours :D

    a friend works there, it really depends on what job u have landed or what team. but some of them had professional growth, id just dont know about the others.
  • +summer+
    +summer+ gonna make you sweat
    shifting (sched changes every 2 weeks: 6a-2p, 2p-10p, 10p-6a. most of the time you can't choose your sched), lotsa overtime, college-y environment, evaluation based on your qualitative output.

    personally, it's not something you'd want to do long-term. there isn't much room for professional growth like what the person before me posted. if you're looking for something to do while you're waiting for better opportunities, i guess sykes would be okay.

    plus, no pex. that's a bummer too.
  • SykesGrrrl
    SykesGrrrl resigned from sykes
    so, who works in sykes here? ortigas? curious lng ako.
  • Great Green
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  • bebe_girl702
    bebe_girl702 bruised heart
    i work at sykes makati
  • Any Sykes Peeps here your views ur comments:) any workmates
  • SykesGrrrl
    SykesGrrrl resigned from sykes
    sarap sa makati. may jollyjeep and viahemares. marami ring makakainan. but most are a bit expensive places. i miss those places.

    i like ortigas though. nandito crush ko eh. hehehe

    moderator: i think syk man agoqui started a post here with a similar title. maybe we can just merge this? :)
  • SykesGrrrl
    SykesGrrrl resigned from sykes
    hi there! saan ka? ortigas o makati? =)
  • am from sykes mkti TS account ikaw sykesgrrl what account and bebe_girl702 ;)
  • hi agoqui! is it hard to be a tech support? wat b usually gngwa nio? can u give me some tips and examples kung paano hinahandle yung complaints? or watever... kc i really need to know para me background ako kahit papaano... thankx! God bless...
  • SykesGrrrl
    SykesGrrrl resigned from sykes
    m in ortigas...under the account sponsoring an engineering university here. (i'd rather not divulge the client, professional reasons, but sykes people know :) )

    actually this nick is an alterego. i am already a regular forumer here. :D

    hey, anyone here knows people in management in ortigas? i want to ask about someone. :*)
  • have a friend who works there, yun nga lang balita ko ata graveyard shift ata. tuloy, hindi ko na makausap. baliktad na ang oras namin.

  • SykesGrrrl
    SykesGrrrl resigned from sykes
    hi there! so, sino dito taga-ortigas or privy sa office grapevine sa ortigas?

    i want to ask about a guy working here. i see him around. ortigas based sya, but sometimes go to makati. account supervisor/implementations supervisor.

    :*) :*) :*)

    just want to know if he's attached. :help::loveeyes:
  • im from sykes makati ;)
  • SykesGrrrl
    SykesGrrrl resigned from sykes
    wala bang taga-ortigas dito? :shedtears:

    anyone know a guy who goes by the name of ayu? some say may gf daw eh. some say, wala. so, ano nga ba? is he available?

    wala lang...

    just asking... :D
  • marami bang e-mail and chat accounts dyan , yoko kc ng phone support...
  • SykesGrrrl
    SykesGrrrl resigned from sykes

    apply ka sa cebu. we have a new office there. far as i know, puro email support. =) bilis, tapos, kita tayo dun. ehhehe

    been thinking of requesting a transfer. cebu is a very beautiful place! dami pang mangga! MMMMmmmmmmm..... :yum:


    dun masarap ang sex on the beach (different topic). malinis! hehe

  • SykesGrrrl
    SykesGrrrl resigned from sykes
    wala talaga makakatulong sakin dito? :~(

  • Lnecrds
    Lnecrds rude girl
    hey naka log kapa...
    gud am..
    anong maitutulong ko?
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