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EVERYDAY ROUTE (Home-Work) : BGC to Navotas/Malabon.

Guys, I don't know if this topic is already here please let me know if meron nang thread na ganito para delete ko na lang to. But if wala pa, share natin mga fastest/shortest route or shortcuts you know from BGC (work) to Navotas/Malabon C4 road.

Right now, ang usual route ko is Kalayaan flyover -> Buendia -> Gil puyat LRT -> Roxas blvd -> Road 10 -> Pier -> Navotas

Usually 2 hours ang byahe ko or 2 and a half hours depende sa traffic but not less than 2h. Kung may alam kayong shortcut or faster route, let me know coz entering makati really gives me a damn headache every night.


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