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tennis elbow

i regularly play tennis but had to stop for about seven months. i resumed hitting balls last december but only on weekends. after a couple of months i started to feel pain on my hitting arm near my elbow. i ignored it and continued to play during weekends. now, it hurts in three places: the first is on a muscle near my elbow and two bony places on my elbow. i've decided to stop playing and give it a rest. what can i do to speed up recovery? thanks in advance doctors. :)


  • jetlanderjetlander physical THErapist PExer
    am a PT intern you can use hot packs on the affected elbow for 20 minutes followed by soft tissue manipulation (massage) for pain relief and siempre rest yung injured part. backhand is the most common stroke that elicits symptoms. kung very painful yong elbow pacheck up ka sa physiatrist para ma refer ka sa PT. hope nakatulong ako :D
  • jetlanderjetlander physical THErapist PExer
    muntik ko ng makalimutan if there is a sign of inflammation (redness,swelling,pain, upon palpation mainit yong injured part, or may limitation of motion or loss of function) ice massage/ice packs muna ang gamitin 20 minutes din and duration twice a day until inflammation subsides. tapos kung wala ng signs of inflammation pero may pain pa hot packs na ang gamitin. for long term benefit magpa-PT po kayo para mabigyan po kayo pa ibang PT management gaya ng proper exercise, short wave diathermy or infrared radiation(IRR). :D
  • Dog_LoverDog_Lover Member PExer

    If it's any consolation to you, the latest studies show that 50% of active tennis players (club level, competitive and the Pros) will experience "tennis elbow" (medically known as Lateral epicondylitis) at one time or another throughout their playing careers. But this injury is also not exclusive to tennis players alone and can be seen among golfers, racquet sports players, musicians and workers alike.

    Rest and activity modification play a major part in recovery and some anti-inflammatory drugs as needed, but jetlander's suggestions are helpful and effective since all those modalities mentioned are routinely used to treat various muskuloskeletal conditions in many areas of the body. It will provide relief and help hasten recovery at most. But to cure tennis elbow entails understanding how it develops in order to prevent or minimize re-injury, recurrence and chronic (long-standing) problems.

    Without having to discuss much biomechanical and anatomical details, it is suffice to know that your condition develops essentially from repetitious "poor technique" in executing a stroke which produces undue stress upon the elbow, particularly the lateral aspect, and produces (micro)tears at the origin of extensor muscle group responsible for wrist and hand extension (moving the wrist upwards).When your body allows you to play tennis again, I suggest you follow these tips:

    1. Focus on developing good technique. Ideally, power and energy transfer from the stroke to the ball is most effective and efficient with a coordinated trunk rotation and arm swing and then hitting the ball "out front" where the racquet swings fastest and effective forward body thrust serves to reduce demands on the extremity.. Uncoordinated movement causes you to "open up" your trunk against your swinging arm. In that scenario, the arm/elbow is left alone to deliver the stroke and singly bears the burden and stress instead of the trunk rotation helping out.

    2. Regarding equipment: Proper grip size (I suppose u do know how to measure for it?) for a relaxed grip which decreases the physical loads on your forearm, and racquets with larger-sized heads aid in reducing vibration transfer in to the arm. Experiment also with various grip bands. Reducing string tension by at least 4 lbs from your usual tension. Also avoid using "old" balls with less bounce since they produce greater vibration and require greater energy transfer from the elbow to deliver a shot. Avoid using also "head-heavy" racquets in general. "Balanced" or "head-light" racquets will benefit you more considering your injury. The single-throat racquets have been long-phased out and all current racquets employ the Y-frame design. If by chance you still are using an old designed racquet, shift to a Y frame type. Use vibration dampeners on your racquet.

    3. Elastic/nonelastic elbow supports( spanning the breadth above and below the elbow) help minimize the gliding motion and contractility of the extensor muscle wad which helps minimize pain during movement and can be worn until symptoms improve.

    4. Severe, stubborn or long standing cases which somehow affect even your simple activities like brushing, dressing up, combing,etc. should be re-evaluated for possible local corticosteroid injection and even surgery to decompress and clean up the involved area of fibrotic tissue (lalu na kung may nakakapang laman that refuses to subside).

    Hope that would help. I'll just PM you my bill.... :bounce2:
  • GForceGForce Grounded PExer
    :D thank you jetlander and Dog_Lover. salamat na marami sa mga advise nyo. i was wondering about the ice and hot pack nga. i was not sure which to apply. i think wala naman na-change sa technique/palo ko and i still use the same racquet (which is top-heavy nga). i just stopped for seven months. "humina" kaya muscles ko? when the pain stops, can i use weights to strengthen my forearms/arms? it has been a week since i stopped. i can extend my arm now but still have difficulty in lifting things. thank goodness, i can still lift my baby - as long as my arm is bent, walang problema. yung movement where i have to fully extend my arm and use fingers to grip ang masakit. thanks again! :D
  • jetlanderjetlander physical THErapist PExer
    basta kung more than 48 hours na yong injury at wala ng pamamaga sa affected part hot pack na ang gagamitin.

    suggested exercise:( do this when pain is eliminated)

    dumbells(db): ordinarily should start with 6-10 lb. (note: db is determined through experimentation kung pagkatapos ng execise may soreness na nararamdaman decrease iyong weight ng db)
    specific technique:
    position of the elbow: 90 degrees flexion/progress:full extension
    movement:slow wrist extension followed by slowly allowing the wrist into flexion (10x)
    (note: gradually increase the weight every week)

    frequency: 2x a day

    duration: 4-8 weeks

    suggestion lang po ito mas mabuti po siguro kung magtanong kayo sa physician po ninyo kung naguguluhan po kayo:D

    hope nakatulong po ako:D
  • GForceGForce Grounded PExer
    thanks jetlander. patanong ha. what is flexion?
    specific technique:
    position of the elbow: 90 degrees flexion/progress:full extension
    movement:slow wrist extension followed by slowly allowing the wrist into flexion (10x)

    wrist movement lang ba 'to? pasensya ka na. i'm taking advantage of this opportunity to ask kasi PT ka. salamat na marami sa tulong mo. :D
  • jetlanderjetlander physical THErapist PExer
    1. flexion- (flex/bend) pagbaluktot ng kasu-kasuan, ex. ibaluktot ang siko
    2. opo wrist movement lang po ito kasi po ang wrist and forearm muscles po ang affected pag may tennis elbow.

    sana po naliwanagan po kayo:D
  • GForceGForce Grounded PExer
    crystal clear and thank you very much. you're a BIG help! :D:D:D
  • asarTALOasarTALO TiNaMaaN ng LiNTeK PExer
    nakukuha raw ang tennis elbow sa sobrang kaka-jerk off...

    syempre joke daw yon! :lol:
  • jetlanderjetlander physical THErapist PExer
    hehehe di pwede yon kasi repetitive wrist movement ang pwedeng maging cause ng tennis elbow, sa pagje-jerk elbow flexion ang ginagawa mo at brachioradialis ang muscle na gumagana kaya kung masyadong bulky yong side ng forearm mo obvious na mahilig kang magsariling sikap........joke lang din :D
  • BlackDoveBlackDove Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Without a doubt for me, these are the stretching and strengthening exercises that helped eliminate pain in tennis elbow. But if there's one that brought instant relief, it would have to be the exercise called wrist rollers.
  • junior01junior01 Member PExer
    ako may problema na rin sa hip joint ko sa may kanan, matagal na 5 years na, nakuha ko rin sa tennis, na wrong step ako sabay ikot kaya ayun may tama na, di naman siya pilay pero sumasakit siya pagmalamig ang panahon at kung matagal ako makatayo na ang weight ko dito ko ilagay sa right side ko. may gamot pa kaya ito.

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