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"Friends" updates, anyone?

CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
Calling all kababayans out there in the US! I hope someone can update us with what's happening. I watched it three weeks in a row here, and puro replay. Just wondering about what's happening to my favorite sitcom. :)


  • caramba: ano na bang latest friends episode dyan?

    hmmm well i don't want to ruin it for anybody so blind items na lang...hehe...

    - a couple will get married
    - a couple will get divorced
    - medyo maiiba yung living arrangements nila next season
    - joey will have a new love interest

    hmmm yun na lang muna baka sobra-sobra na yung info ko eh! :)
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    Thanks joan! Well, I watched the last part of one episode where Monica and Chandler were supposed to get married but on their way in, Ross and Rachel were on their way out. (I didn't get this. :) )

    I dunno na rin what's happening, kasi paulit ulit, puro replay. The last episode was about Phoebe naming the baby "Chandler", and Ross was going nuts because Emily was very close to his ex-wife's partner (forgot the name). The episode before that naman was the episode that showed all of the Ross-Rachel episodes. Rachel was decided not to go to London for the wedding.

  • At da risk of ruining da antipation here is my take on topic - pls., pls., don't nebody shoot me :)

    Rachel did go 2 London; Rachel/Ross still kinda struggling w/ what 2 do w/ their relationship - abangan! :)

    Yaaahh - but in last nite's episode - Joey's new luv interest, played by Elle McPherson was a Goner.

    Monica/Chandler r now a real couple.

    BTW, how delayed are American tv sitcoms/other shows, like The X-Files shown there?

  • Rachel moves in with Phoebe, Chandler moves in with Monica, Joey has a new roommate...teka, hindi ata latest ito...
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    Geepers, reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy late. :)
  • joey going out with "elle"?.... mmmmm... :)
  • batang uliranbatang uliran PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Yup, Joey and Elle dated a bit then have already split up. Joey as of the last episode is working as a waiter in the coffee shop.
  • Now I'm all confused...

    As of last count, the latest Friends episode that was shown here was the one where they all went to Las Vegas and Rachel & Ross get hitched...what happens next?
  • o nga parang ang tagal ng start nung next season. sobrang bitiiin nung season ender nila- the one where rach and ross got married. i guess sila ang nagdivorce huh?

  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    hiram na lang kayo ng vhs tapes tapos watch it na lang while waiting for the newer episodes...i mean the past episodes....it may seem expensive, pero i started watching the whole FRIENDS series this past vacation, and so far it's been worth it...hehe 2nd season pa lang ako....lafftrip talaga hehehe....

    sori kung alang update hehe gusto ko lang mag-share....
  • Show comes on Thursday eves in US - billed as "Must See Thursdays" by d network. If u guys really want update here - lemme know - b happy 2, :) k'si naman don't want 2 spoil fun or b bearer of bad news, eh.

    Last nite - tv entertainment shows talked 'bout Bruce Willis possibly making a guest appearance on show this season w/c usually ends in May. So - b watching/waiting 4 it.
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    Geepers: I'd love to find out about the latest episodes! Email me na lang at [email protected] Thanks!

    neth_row: No problem! I did that too, once. I borrowed all of the Friends tapes and watched them all. My parents were wondering why I was laughing the whole time, hehe. :)
  • geepers: pls email me the updates too. i would really want to know. my email is [email protected]
    i bought all the tapes available of FRIENDS. sobrang worth it talaga kasi no matter how many times u watch it nakakatawa pa rin. i even hav the one wer they were in vegas--i made it pabili pa in singapore.
    if u guys want copies i would gladly copy it for u. jus give me vhs tapes and mail me.
  • if u want to cheat (meaning ur like me and cant wait to actually see the episode) you can go to this site and read up on all the episodes. the transcripts are pretty good.

    is the new season out here yet? i hardly ever get home in time to catch it anymore.
    http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/9151/scripts.htm <;<;complete Friends episode guide
  • I went to the music store yesterday and saw a new(?) OST of 'Friends'. I don't know when it was released that's why i consider it as still new. check it out, just like their previous OST, it has sound bytes of some of their episodes. really funny :)
  • meiji: thanks for the news. gotta have that new cd. :)
  • Caramba, here is the latest gossip from Hollywood 2/10.

    Jennifer Aniston is rumored to have had Reese Witherspoon fired after two episodes. Reese is supposed to have a 6-episode contract to play Jill, Rachel's bratty sister. Jill said "goodbye" in last Thursday's episode.

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  • meiji - thanks for the tip! what songs are on the album?
  • suntanned: here's the list (mahaba-haba ito ha ;))
    *Smash Mouth-Every Word Means no
    *Loreta-Trouble with Boys
    *Robbie Williams-I wouldn't Normally do this Kind of Thing
    *Lisa Loeb-Summer
    *Deckard-What Reason
    *Billie Joe Armstrong and Penelope Houston-Angel and the Jerk
    *8Stops7-Question Everything
    *Phoebe Buffay and the Hairballs feat. the Pretenders-Smelly Cat Medley (this is funny :))
    *Duncan Sheik-View from the other Side
    *Waltons-Beats the Hell out of me
    *Thor-El-Friends Til the End
    *I'll be there for you (remix)


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  • March 1, 2000 - start na ng new season ng FRIENDS!!! :D
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