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Dessa Labandera!

i couldn't have said it any better!


  • bLaCkbLaCk Member PExer
    pero magaling naman sha kumanta, ryt?
  • MeijiMeiji oxymoron & gadfly PExer
    Yes, Dessa has a great voice.
    Pareho ba tayo ng tinutukoy na tao?

    [This message has been edited by Meiji (edited 04-01-2000).]
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    She has loads of talent. Unfortunately, she seems to think that belting her lungs out is the way to show everybody what a talent she is. Walang subtlety ang interpretations niya--it seems that all her songs should be belted out in the most jukebox-type way. Could it be a songfest psyche? Whenever I see her on TV, I automatically lower the volume, because I know sisigaw na naman siya. So far, I'm not disappointed.

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