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Oscars 2000

AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
I didn't get to watch the entire show but I liked the parts I did see. Billy Crystal was totally hilarious, especially in that portion where he was supposedly reading the minds of some of the actors. Robin Williams' "Blame Canada" presentation was also great.

I'm also glad no one showed up wearing something similar to what Jennifer Lopez wore to the Grammy's. Even Cher was decently covered.

Anyone know who directed the show? The cam shots were wonderful!


  • ~pAngGa~~pAngGa~ Member PExer
    what do you think of the winners...esp hilary swank?
  • AmericanPieAmericanPie Member PExer
    ADA, you must have missed it -
    mayroong nag-dress similar kay JL's -
    si Trey Parker - one of the SouthPark
    creators - the other one was also
    dress in drag - Trey almost didn't get
    into the venue - story is he was
    stopped @ d door by security/event
    coordinators. And who waz dat lady w/
    Kevin Spacey?

    Always like Billy Crystal hosting the
    OSCARS® - the entire entertainment
    industry was hats off to him - imagine
    sole host? The opening sequence -
    where Billy was in Oscar® winning
    movies was the funniest part. Iyon
    nga lang pahaba nang pahaba ang
    telecast - I often get bored part.
    doze acceptance speeches - wazup w/
    Warren Beatty's speech?

    And also look forward to The Barbara
    Walters Special aftr the Oscars® -
    Ricky Martin, as usual, avoided
    subject of his sexuality; Michael
    Douglas hinted they're havng a son;
    Mike Meyrs was his usual funny self.
    Was dat shown in RP?

    Tho' haven't seen movie - just clips &
    know of real-life story - that winning
    role must have been a real challenge
    to Hilary - bagay na bagay - but her
    acceptance speech didn't fly w/ the
    mom of character she played.


  • asteriskasterisk Member PExer
    pAngGa, I find Swank's acceptance of the award, not the speech but the composure, quite disturbing. Almost everyone Isaw accepting the award, past and present, even the biggets stars and most established, were, well, emotional. E! News appropriately described her as "frighteningly well-composed."

  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Michael Caine was such a class act with his acceptance speech. Talk about gracious winner.
  • p.i.joep.i.joe Member PExer
    Just seen part of it but i think one of the highlights of the night was the tribute to the past winners for "best musical score".

    Burt Bacarach, composer together with Garth Brooks, Dianne Warwick, Ray Charles, Isaac Hayes and Queen Latifah did a marvelous job in the presentation.

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