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§inned™'s Oscar 2000 Bold Predictions

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These are §inned™'s Oscars 2000 Bold Predictions:

sbhd_pic_p_abeauty.jpg Best Picture:
American Beauty got 8 Academy nominations and won 5 Golden Globes for best picture, writing, acting and directing. However, I also love The Cider House Rules. With the next most Academy bids (with 7 nominations), Cider will be a shocker. But still, it's going to be the all-American way.

sbhd_pic_p_bening.jpg Best Actress:
The voters, I think, will be receptive to Annette Bening (she is very awesome in Beauty). She got the SAG awards which always successfully tells what's going to happen in the Academy night. Although I root for Hillary Swank to win (I really really really love her in Boys Don't Cry), Academy voters, for decades now, snubbed newbies portraying excellent roles in indie films. So that's very bad for Miss Swank even if she won the nods of the L.A. & N.Y. Critics Awards and The Globe. Sentimentally, the statuette will be Annette's with 3-2 odds.

sbhd_pic_p_washington.jpg Best Actor:
The Screen Actors' Guild, the crystal ball to Oscars, gave Kevin Spacey the award almost 2 weeks ago. But, watching Russell Crowe in The Insider makes me think Crowe is going to be a thriller-diller. Denzel Washington, however, will be the sentimental favorite since the Academy voters always favor actors portraying true-to-life persons. Personally, it's Kevin-Russell, but Denzel will do the speech.

sbhd_pic_p_jolie.jpg Best Supporting Actress:
I love these three amazing women: Toni Collette (The Sixth Sense), Chloë Sevigny (Boys Don't Cry), and Angelina Jolie (Girl, Interrupted). Although I didn't like that Girl, Interrupted film, I will go for Angelina Jolie. Why? She is the daughter of past Oscar winner Jon Voight, she has the charm of Gwyneth and she is very gorgeous as a demented girl.

sbhd_pic_p_cruise.jpg Best Supporting Actor:
It's going to be Tom Cruise (Magnolia) for me. A personal favorite for his sleazy T.J. Mackey role as an infomercial guru and sexual consultant, Cruise will be it, definitely. But hey, it is that time of the Oscars once again when little actors have something big to say. Albeit, I wasn't that impressed with The Sixth Sense and that "I-see-dead-people" kid's acting, Haley Joel Osment will be an upset. Hopefully, Oscar voters wouldn't be suckers for kids this time. So, show Cruise the statue.

sbhd_pic_p_mendes.jpg Best Director:
Ok, the DGA has spoken and the directors chose Sam Mendes. Now, if the directors guild loves American Beauty how much more the Oscar voters? But, don't disregard Lasse Hallström as a front-runner, too, since his Cider is indeed wonderful. And the Oscar goes to Sam Mendes.

sbhd_pic_p_abeauty.jpg Best Best Original Screenplay:
Well, what else? Alan Ball's American Beauty has all the pulchritude Oscar voters are looking for. An Oscar nod should also be given to the impressive and incredibly entertaining original screenplay by Charlie Kaufman for Being John Malkovich. But, as usual, the best picture will nip the bud, so the roses will fall on Beauty.

sbhd_pic_p_cider.jpg Best Adapted Screenplay:
I told you, I love The Cider House Rules and I will bet all the novels by Stephen King on this. John Irving's brilliant screen adaptation of his book of the same title will rule.

Best Foreign Film:
Pedro Almodovar's Todo Sobre Mi Madre (All About My Mother) practically gathered all the awards for Best Foreign Film in the award-giving bodies in Europe, the US, and here in Latin America. I've seen both the English and Spanish versions, and I was really stunned with this Spanish masterpiece. Definitely, an Oscar trophy for Spain after almost 20 years.



  • §ínned™§ínned™ Banned by Admin PExer
    7/9. not bad! i forgot to mention michael caine who was wonderful in the cider house rules. way to go hilary swank!


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