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Kevin Smith movies

I was just wondering who here knows Kevin Smith. Love him, hate him, I don't care I'm just curious. Anyways here are my favorite Kevin Smith movies, 1 - being the highest.

1. Clerks
2. Dogma
3. Chasing Amy
4. Mallrats



  • The only one I haven't seen from your list is Chasing Amy. Kevin Smith is okay. Just watched Dogma. It was okay.
  • Haven't seen "Clerks" and "Dogma" yet but The Rock hopes to get a copy soon. "Mallrats" and "Chasing Amy" were awesome. Finger cuffs!!! Kevin Smith is pretty busy nowadays as he's got a directorial career, he's running his own website, running a comic book store, and writing for the Marvel Comic "Daredevil: The Man Without Fear". His talent in direction in writing led to his stint with Daredevil and he's proven very capable of the job.
  • my Kevin Smith rankings would be:
    1. Clerks
    2. Chasing Amy
    3. Dogma
    4. Mallrats

  • s'ya din ba si "silent bob"?
  • yes..he's silent bob
  • luvd kevin smith ever since i saw 'clerks' and have been following his work since. haven't seen dogma. hope they show it over here soon.
    i luv how he 'keeps it all in the family', ya know. how he sorta reuses his actors (kinda like adam sandler).
    i have a copy of both 'clerks' and 'chasing amy'. i don't really care much about 'mallrats' bcuz it wasn't all that great.
    didja know that 'chasing amy' is sorta autobiographical? it was about his relationship with...you'll never guess (okay, maybe you will)...joey lauren adams herself!
    isn't it sweet how he calls Jason his "Mewes"?
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