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"Felicity" Discussion

I saw a teaser for the new TV series Felicity on Channel 9. I've heard such great things about the show...and I can't wait till it premieres! Is anyone else eager with anticipation?


  • i cant wait for felicity too !!! its my friend's fave series in the states now...she's been telling me a lot of stories abt it so im quite eager to watch it here !!! when will it be shown ?! hopefully it'll be as good as it sounds !! :)
  • yup yup! reviews about the show are good. anyone know when it will be shown? ive seen one of the teaser ads sa newspaper. i can't wait for it to show na. im a big CHARMED fan too (studio 23) and felicity na lang hinihintay kong i-show dito sa Philippines!
  • I've seen a few shows of Felicity in the states and it's worth the anticipation. Can't wait for it to get here.

  • The Rock says that "Felicity" is described like Ally McBeal goes to college. Keri Russell is damn cute, she also was a former Mouseketeer like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. The stories that The Rock has heard about Felicity, however, say that her character seems too confused and dizzy as she is caught between two guys. One is her high school crush while the other is the new guy she meets in college. Duh, get a life girl, maganda ka pa naman! If you smell what The Rock is cookin!
  • I really liked the first episode and I'm thinking of following the series religiously.
  • felicity is the best!!!
    i've been abig fan since last year pa..good to hear that it's in manila na. be ready for an emotional roller coaster...sayang you guys are a season behind. this season is the bomb!!! ;)
  • i totally agree with u trInIty..... i like it better than Dawsons Creek. it's just my fave! noel is such a hunk...
    anyway, i didn't like felicity's new haircut though.
    so Yoshi, just keep on watchin it! it's really worth ur time!
    crazy as it may seem but i'm actually recording every episode of this new season.
    happy watching!
  • Yoshi: Glad you set up this post! ;)
    I really like Felicity. Saw the first episode last Thursday. Aliw nga eh. Nung first parang she was so stupid pero nung tumagal.. parang I understood na rin. Better than Dawson's talaga! Di ko na nga tinapos second season ng Dawson eh.

    Trinity, Bonita: Oh well. That's Pinas! Always one season behind! :)
  • oo nga grounded e, and the worst part is i'm goin home na on nov. so balik first season na naman ako when i get there! boohoo!

    anyways, keep watchin it! i just looove noel ( nowl ). *sigh*
  • hehe oh well :) i think ben is hot...along with my whole dorm..hehe but he can be a jerk but hello..noel is such a *****!!!! how can he be that mean? because he's bitter....ooops..i think i'm revealing too much..bwahahaha
    basta..this season is hot!!!
  • Hehehe.. and I have no idea what ur talking about! ;) Hihi, diba si pink ranger yung isa dun?!
  • ben's ok but u can't blame naman noel e, i don't like ben's teeth kasi e, parang bungal... lol.. j/k lang trinity baka magalit ka sa kin ha.
    normal reaction lang namn yung kay noel eh... besides, it's felicity's fault din naman.... actually patama nga sakin yung episodes this new season.. =( i can really relate.
    opppss... ako din madami nang na reveal!!!!
    and yep grounded, pink ranger si julie.....
  • it's so funny..pink ranger went to my school..hehehe just like 2 weeks ago...everybody was calling her the pink ranger in felicity...pretty hilarious

    and Noel is just waaaay too mean for me this season...did u see last sunday's episode? oh gawd...i don't want them to come back together..hehe i'm pro ben for some odd reason..of course i'm picking the lesser of two evils in a way
  • trinity: r u in CA? just wondering where u r studying here in the US...

    nyways, yep i've watched last sunday's episode, and i know noel's mean but felicity deserves it. he became nice naman sa huli e, so he's forigiven ( by me!)

    ben is a real jerk and a coward too... so sana mapunta nalang si felicity dun sa nangungulit sa kanya.... lol....

    tapos sa yo si ben and sa kin si noel.. ok ba? dream ooonnnn!!!!!!!!.......
  • Nang-inggit ba sa mga taong behind na behind dito sa Pinas? Nag-preempt pa ng episodes eh! Hehehe...loko lang...oo nga, parang hot na hot itong series na ito.
    Thursday na uli bukas! Tatakas ako sa group study namin to watch Felicity again...

    About Julie and the Pink Ranger thing, it kinda makes me uncomfortable when I see her in the "acting" mode. Parang nasanay akong sumisipa lang siya at sumisigaw ng "Pterodactyl!"
  • Bonita-i'm from manila but i go to college in the east coast :) i transferred here from UP Diliman ..i know i know..why? my parents have this weird thing about sending their kids to college in the states..but they have a rule of spending freshman year in UP Diliman to "experience the microcosm of Philippine society eck eck"..anyways, i go home every four months or so..so i'm pretty in touch with whatever is going on both here in the states and in manila....u?

    haha sige..barter...mine ben..yours noel :D

    wow life story ko..hehehe :D

  • i find felicity so contrived...saw an episode (again) last night and what's up with her being assistant manager? and that moronic ben? geez and bah! it was so stupid. but keri russell is cute though.

  • Wala lang. Just saw the second episode and I'm just so excited over the whole season!
  • bonita and trinjy,

    saw the 2nd season opener... what happened after ben listened to the tape? naiintriga lang ako =)
  • i never really understood this forum before. i never even bothered to open this forum. nway, i watched felicity this evening for the first time cos my bro asked me to watch partners on tv cos he said that it was nice and all that. felicity was after that so i just watched it and well, i liked it so i finally decided to go to this forum. oh well, i agree with you guys when you say that felicity is way better than dawson's!
    sineed...there you go antagonizing ppl again. then again, u r entitled to your own opinion. so how are u and badgirl? yihee... ;)
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