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Need some advice regarding a big decision that I'm goin

Hi there! I recently completed junior high school, and I will be a senior high school student next school year.

I live in Sorsogon City. I am considering three schools for senior high.

Sorsogon National High School (the school I studied in for the past four years)
Aquinas University of Legazpi (an hour and a half drive away)

I know this is gonna sound SUPER STUPID, but here it goes. I had a crush on this girl back in Grade 7. She was my first love, but she liked other boys at that time. Fast forward today. We only became a couple last year. She was my first girlfriend and I am her first boyfriend. Anyway, she was the one who made me want to study in UST (she's going there because her sister studies there). I know I sound stupid and I may probably get scolded by you guys for having a relationship at such a young age but, please bear with me :(


At first, I jumped right in and told my mom that I wanted to study in UST. But as time progressed, I started having second thoughts.

1. Manila life. As a slack probinsyano and a happy-go-lucky person, I will surely have a hard time adapting to fast-paced Manila. If I manage to wake up 30 minutes before school time here in the province, it's no biggie, as a tricycle ride takes literally 3-5 minutes. Fast-paced life also applies to Aquinas, although not at that degree.

2. Safety. We all know how dangerous Manila is, particularly around Espa?a.

3. Money. My girlfriend is rich, her dad owns a business. My family on the other hand, is middle-class (my dad is a principal engineer for EDC, my mom is an officer for Metrobank) so I may become a burden to my family's financial capability if I choose UST. I also have a younger brother and a younger sister.

4. Discrimination. I don't know if all people in Manila are like that, but I predict that I will become insecure and isolated if I study in UST. I get the feeling that everyone studying there is rich, and I may not be able to relate to the stuff that they talk about etc.

In Aquinas, I think that I would relate more to the people studying there than in UST. I don't think that Aquinas is a school comprised mostly of rich people.

But I do not want to leave my girlfriend. I know I sound so weird and cringe-worthy, but some of you guys may be able to relate to what I'm saying. I don't want to leave her, but I also don't want to regret leaving home if I study in Manila.


If I study in Manila, I get to be with my girlfriend. But I may end up missing my laid-back lifestyle back home. Money is also a small problem.

If I study in Legazpi, I'm no longer in touch with my girlfriend (at least personally). A laid-back lifestyle is also not possible, but at least money won't be a problem.

If I study in Sorsogon, also no personal contact with girlfriend. I get to enjoy a relaxed life, and money also won't be a problem. But the school doesn't seem like it's good for senior high.

I apologize if my post came off a bit weird and messy. I appreciate everyone who will help me :D


  • katze_schmusekatze_schmuse PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^if you think you will cause too much burden to your parents, why push for it?do you wanna see your parents suffer financially just for your silly puppy love?
    You wont see her but there's internet to keep you in touch.if by your distance she will have a change of heart then consider yourself lucky.why?because she left you at this early stage when you arent still too hooked for it.love can wait.go to aquinas.
  • Thank you so much for your reply :)
  • What I can advise is to set your priorities. Once you have set your priorities for sure you can decide. It won't matter to you whatever location you will be at as long as you know to yourself that what you have decided is for the betterment of yourself. Always think of what is best for you and not what others will say.
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