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Big? or Small? why they don't want to be a part of that problem? can you tell us...have you ever been into one?


  • At work I am sometimes tempted to say that. In a way, there are some problems in the office that I should stay away from, and therefore say that "that's your problem!" and it's best to keep it that way. However, sometimes one has to help, too, and one has to get involved somehow... and it sometimes pisses me off whenever people are apathetic towards the issues and concerns of others. Although I am guilty of that sometimes. :help:

    I guess people would like to stay away from another person's troubles because most of us hve our own problems (hehehe) to take care of. It takes a really good person to help another sort out his/her problems and really be involved. But there should be a difference between genuinely helping and just being nosy. :confusing:
  • rains_delightrains_delight Banned by Admin PExer
    Big problem and that even caused the downfall of our company. :weep:

    MY former colleague proposed to our general manager to lower the rates and promised that he can get at least 1,000 subscribers per month. So, our boss listened to him, defended this supervisor to the board of directors and fortunately, his recommendations were approved and implemented.

    After three months, we only garned ten new subscribers. The general manager got p!ssed and questioned him. This supervisor turned back to me and asked me why did I state in my monthly report the list of new subscribers. I simply said "That is your problem! You can't blame the general manager, you promised to deliver 1,000 customers a month and now your are just giving us ten?" :mad:

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