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AB- UST Rulz!!!

la lng m juz a proud ab-ust gal ...
so if AB ka d2 ka...
anywayz.. to all those other colleges who thinks that were nothin.. you better think again..
pag- AB ka mautak ka!!!
Congrats AB for winning the "pautakan 2002 silver edition"
better luck next time Eng'g!!!


  • hey, ba't lang nag-pay attention sa thread na to???

    neway all i know is that ab rules and engers are losers!!!

    to all artlets out there please reply!!!

    i repeat!!! ab rules!!!;)
  • hey i hav a gf der hus a philo major.. ab naman yun ryt? sya yung runner up sa contest ng mga muse nung college week nyo i think.. by the way do u know a girl named val sa ab? yung ndi nman pla enrolled tpos kunwari pumapasok.. wat course mo sweetbabe and cutie_girlstar?:rolleyes:
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