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Top Movie Themes and Soundtrack for You!(reality bites, City of angels, Clueless etc

here's mine...love to see yours too!!!

Stay-Liza Loeb(Reality Bites)
IRIS-Goo GOO Dolls(City of Angels)
you were there-BabyFace (Simon Birch)
all the young dudes-World party(ClueLess)
Fake Plastic Trees(acoustic)-Radiohead(Clueless)
Stranger By The Day-Shades Apart(American Pie)
All I want Is you-U2(Reality Bites)

how bout u peeps...what's yours?

PeaceLove and Godspeed!!!


  • City of Angels
    Reality Bites
    10 Things I Hate About You
    Cruel Intentions
    The Matrix
    She's All That
  • IRIS - City of Angels
    Stay - Reality Bites
    Angel - City of Angels
    Bittersweet Symphony - Cruel Intentions
    I Wanna Be A Supermodel - Clueless
    I Could Not Ask For More - Message In A Bottle
  • Movies:
    Great Expectations
    With Honors

    Ally McBeal 1&2
    Dawson's Creek
  • Ghost
    Pretty Woman
    Clueless-I like the Ghost in You(counting crows)
    American Pie(yeah like it)
    10 things i hat about you
  • My own persoal list includes
    The Sister Act soundtracks (actually, any soundtrack by Marc Shaiman, whose done work for other movies like "First Wives' Club" amd "South Park the Movie.")
    The Sound of Music OST
    Reality Bites OST

    Do post also at the soundtrack related threads sa Music Jam. I'm sure you'll find a lot of other people who share your taste in soundtrack music.
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