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Lame TV Shows

What shows do you think should be banned for being exagerratedly pathetic?

I nominate Click. It's what you should show to Comm majors to let them know how NOT to make a show. :)


  • wAgKaNgMaKuLiTwAgKaNgMaKuLiT Unregistered PExer

    oo nga, ang korny korny ng click.
    isama mo na ren yun 1 for 3, beh bote nga, s.o.p. na ren.
    basta gma korny.

  • PaJaMaSPaJaMaS Member PExer

    wagkangmakulit : it seems like you're a big fan of abs-cbn.
  • wAgKaNgMaKuLiTwAgKaNgMaKuLiT Unregistered PExer

    PaJaMaS, not really. but i really can't stand gma. wala naman silang talents eh, looks lang. but i have to admit, some abs-cbn shows are also korny. but still, gma, gaya-gaya lang yun, yabang pa.
  • PaJaMaSPaJaMaS Member PExer
    most of the stars today - from either network, don't have talents naman eh, they just have looks.
  • wAgKaNgMaKuLiTwAgKaNgMaKuLiT Unregistered PExer

    aba nag-chat na tayo dito ah...

    ...pero at least, abs-cbn stars mukhang friendly (except for kris aquino siguro). unlike sa gma ang yabang-yabang. nakapasok lang sa showbiz kala mo sino na sila...
  • PaJaMaSPaJaMaS Member PExer
    why, do u know them personally?
  • wAgKaNgMaKuLiTwAgKaNgMaKuLiT Unregistered PExer

    no, i don't know them personally.

    abs-cbn stars, are friendly to their viewers, unlike gma stars...
    trabaho nila yun (maging friendly sa mga ppl, that is).
    at least they're doing their jobs
  • wAgKaNgMaKuLiTwAgKaNgMaKuLiT Unregistered PExer, mas tactless yun stars ng gma no...

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  • bouncebounce The Round Mound of Sound PExer
    My my, all this hostility towards GMA 7...the network war will rage and I didn't think that it would make others rage as well...let's stick to the topic far as shows go, the only pinoy show worth watching is Kool ka Lang. Why? It's just the prontaneity of it all I guess.
  • bunnybunny s p u n k y PExer
    PEPS i have to agree with you on that! TABING original!!!

    And that other useless show in GMA...Pintados...ggrrrr!! kakainis!!!

    I do like Kool Ka Lang and Oki Doki Dok..roderick's character is sooooo funny!!! and he's such a good actor as well!!
  • happyhappy NiGeLLe PExer
    have u seen super klenk?? if we're talking about lame tv shows...that takes the cake!! super baduy!
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Richard Loves Lucy. Lame!!!
  • kiraykiray Member PExer
    happy: i was just about to say that. super klenk is definitely the number one lamest show there is. sama mo na rin yung oops!, kool ka lang, at alas dose sa trese. no offense kina tita boots anson-roa at tito eddie elarde pero i dont think they're fit to host a noontime variety show. kukuha na nga lang sila ng mga co-hosts, yung mga walang career pa - paco arespacochaga at timmy cruz.

    I dont know ah...ayoko naman palakihin ang ulo ng ABS-CBN but it looks like, when it comes to quality local TV shows, channel 2 is really cut above the rest.
  • ascotascot Goldmember PExer
    Can someone answer these questions of mine:

    Bakit mahilig magparinig ang GMA sa ABS-CBN kahit hindi naman sila pinapatulan? What kind of sick pleasure do they get from doing so? Ano yon, pampadagdag ng ratings? I don't think so. TOTALLY UNNECESSARY. TOTALLY UNBECOMING.

    going back to the topic, I guess, the most lame tv show nowadays is........( drumroll )

    it's a tie, ladies and gentlemen ...

    TABING-ILOG ( ABS-CBN 2 ) and
    BEST FRENDS ( GMA 7 ) !!!
  • wAgKaNgMaKuLiTwAgKaNgMaKuLiT Unregistered PExer

    hehehe...i have to admit, lame nga talaga yun tabing ilog. isama mo na ren yun i love u babe.

    about ur question ascot, i think alam nila talo sila sa abs-cbn. so, to console themselves and to boost their egos, nagpaparinig sila. :)

    PEACE :)
  • happy and kiray: korek kayo dun sa super klenk!...hehehe super klenk is really way down there..hahaha my gosh...lame tlaga nung show na yun...pinagmukang ***** lang nila lalo si ara hello?!

    pintados, click, best frends...sosmaryosep!
  • wAgKaNgMaKuLiTwAgKaNgMaKuLiT Unregistered PExer

    ...uuy, ngayon ko lang nalaman meron palang tv show na "klenk" ang title... malamang gawang gma nanaman yan...

    ...haay naku! pero ok yun ooops... ng gma. kakatawa. lalo na pag ni cacandid camera nila yun ng actors/actresses... hahaha... funny... :D
  • sampaguitasampaguita no, i'm not for sale PExer
    "Time of Your Life" starring Jennifer Love Hewitt.

    Ok, first of all, whoever wrote the script should be fired because it's filled with senseless, dim-witted stuff. The plot is pretty unbelievable. (I mean, who moves to New York on a whim and finds a job, a place to live, friends and a boyfriend in one night?) Not to mention that the bubbly Jennifer herself is a little too annoying for me to handle.

    That's it. :)
  • CiGaWeTteCiGaWeTte kiss my ash PExer
    hmm... ano nga ba? mula sa pusO? esperanza? i duno... i'm not in a position to judge anywayz coz i have never watched those programs... :) basta... 1 thing's 4 sure.. Amanda Lapuz is da bomb!!!!! :) (moddess spirit girl) ;) hehe... walang connection... juz wanted 2 share...
  • hAshhAsh Member PExer
    Keep on Dancing and That other dancing show. What the heck man, why would you want to watch a bunch of guys and girls dancing in a show.

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