Kiss mo ko! yuck!


  • YoshiYoshi Member PExer
    Presenting the one and only "Multimedia Star"...ANTOINETTE TAUS!

  • BraveheartBraveheart Banned by Admin PExer
  • bLaCkbLaCk Member PExer

    she shook hands with the underprivileged... tpos pag sakay ng van... sabay pahid ng Alcohol... eww.. talk about kaplastikan...
  • clawed_outclawed_out Banned by Admin PExer
    she's pretty...

    not pretty irritating but a little i guess....parang pilit yung mga acting skills nya

    pero magaling naman siya right? she's been to several good theater plays...

  • I did a pictorial of her in 97 at their condo unit in greenhills. One on one lang. No alalays. Mabait naman siya. I've even made her recite the alphabeth for me! At with feelings! Kasi i want candid pictures.

  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    That's nice to hear Austin James. I kinda like her. :)
  • FrayFray Member PExer

    oa siya.
  • ang baduy ng image niya. She should do something about it. And her acting? kundi OVER eh lacking. Baka maging Juday siya niyan.
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    I think she should stick to theater. It suits her more. And whoever composed the songs in her album should be hanged. Her voice was wasted on them.
  • terjeterje Sullen Gurl PExer
    she was my english classmate last year. i couldn't stand her. most of us couldn't, anyway. even our teacher was kinda making jokes about her. it ticked me off how she was trying to be friendly with everyone. but that's just me.
  • IceAngelIceAngel poof. PExer
    I agree with you guys, she should stick to theater, but at least, sya lang ang marunong umarte at that dumb TGIS show...

    I can't stand her album, actually, I can't stand ANY of the albums these young actress/singers launch. They're all the same, sweet, melancholy ballads. Geez. You think that they could just move on from that and try other genres.
  • glass houseglass house Member PExer
    Hey Yoshi! After Champagne Morales si Antoinette naman. Are you a huge fan? *winks* he he he.
  • carliecarlie curly fries! PExer
    i hate this girl! sobrang trying hard.

    i saw her in ateneo one day and kita undies niya while she was sitting down... labas sa jeans... i was wondering bakit red! ewww!!!! then i figured it out... her toenails are red! kadiri! red toenails! yuck! as in red ha! blood red! ewwww!!!
  • TelcontarTelcontar aka Strider PExer
    She is a nice enough girl as I met her personally because she is a classmate of my sister in Ateneo.
  • terjeterje Sullen Gurl PExer
    a classmate of your sister, huh? well she was MY classmate last year, so i got to "meet her personally" too. there's a diff between being sweet and being sickeningly saccharine, if u get my drift. not to diss u, just my 2 cents.
  • Wild ThingWild Thing Member PExer
    Crush ko!!! hehehe... well, she is pretty kaso nga lang laging nag-iisa sa school. Samahan ko kaya?!? hehehe... :)
  • imogenimogen drama queen PExer

    pwede ba? i really hate her... napaka oa ang gwarsh yung mga outfits niya ha... pang matrona na ewan. tapos exagg pa palagi pag sumasagot! feeling!!!!! d-u-h!

    pero magaling daw siyang actress sa theater. maybe she should stick there na lang.

    maybe someone or some friend of hers should tell her na be herself na lang and not try ro impress people just because artista siya... un lang.
  • Denise`Denise` Member PExer
    I agree with Ada. I think she should stick to theatre na lang... ok naman sya eh... i see her around ateneo often and i think she's pretty :)
  • ate germsate germs master showgirl PExer
    diba sabi nya punta daw sya states? nabalita nga rin na buntis sya eh (pero naconfirm na hindi daw). wala narin sila ni dingdong. babalik pa ba sya sa showbiz? i don't like her either pero mas gusto ko naman syang nakikita kesa kay champagne no.
  • clawed_outclawed_out Banned by Admin PExer
    wow ate germs ang ganda naman ng name mo! hehehehehe

    ooooops off topic

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