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bb. pilipinas winners

vertigovertigo PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
what do u think about the winners?
me, i think nina ricci alagao deserves it, i reallyy liked her, her poise, her beauty, ganda sobra talaga. I love her. Tapos galing pang sumagot, I think she goes to UP
maganda rin sana no.2, kaya lang off tangent yung sgot eh.
anyway, how about u? whadya think?


  • i think the new bb.pilipinas-universe deserves her crown. and to mention that she's got similar looks with ms. miriam quiambao.

    but i think the other two should switch their titles, because i believe that in the ms. world, they need taller ladies. unlike in the ms. international.

    maybe i should join next year. NOT!!! :)
  • I think the one who won Ms. Universe deserved it too, she was poised and articulate. The first 2 candidates were just pathetic (sorry if you know any of them). Actually I really pitied them, you could see their mind going *BLANK* after hearing the question. The last 3 answered well, though the last candidate answered by saying "First off..." and never got around to the "second, third off" hehehe
  • Yup. I think Nina Ricci Alagao deserves to be our representative to the Miss Universe pageant, because she has the poise, wit, and beauty needed in the pageant.
    No, I don't think Kathy de Guzman should be our Ms. International representative. Height is not the consideration because all of the three winners have basically the same height (as I see it on TV).
    De Guzman deserves to be our representative to the Ms. World pageant because she's smart and witty (go Ateneo!), and I think she has more poise than our previous losing candidates (Daisy Reyes, Rachel Soriano, etc.).
    I think the other lady has to be our Ms. International representative because she's best suited there. That competition doesn't have a question and answer round, which I think she has difficulty in, basing on how she fared during the pageant. Moreover, the Ms. International pageant looks for rather "wholesome" beauties such as her.
  • vertigovertigo PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    well, the one who won the miss intl title i think gve the best answer, but she was too nervous it really showed, but still i think her answer was the best one, although nina was more relaxed and still fared very good in the q&a
    atenista ba yung de guzman? she looks like ana capri, alagao resembles yari and daphne osena, whadya think?
  • Yoshi: Tumpak!! Alagao is very much poised and "classy"(according to someone of our mutual acquaintance). She thinks very fast and is very confident. She deserves her crown! I just hope she won't "choke" in the Ms. Universe Pageant. I really hate to see her lose. Anyway, I am very happy for Kath (go classmate!!). She was very confident up there, though I want to choke her auntie for her evening gown, grrrr! Truly, the Bb. International lady deserves her place kasi wala namang tanungan sa Ms. International (which I think, might have been a good news for Ms. Bobita Hofer had she won, which she might have if she had not opted to "spend 24 hour in the church..to forgive my sins". Sayang talaga siya. Well, she's still beautiful. That might be a consolation, or is it?

    Go Ateneo!!
  • FYI, I read in the newspaper this morning:
    - The representative for Miss Universe,Nina Ricci Alagao is a Fine Arts student from UP....
    - Katherine de Guzman, representative for Miss World (?) is an Atenean...
    - and Joanna Maria Pe?aloza, for Miss International, studies in DLSU...

    kewl line-up of winners, huh?
  • hehehe the top three titles going to studes from the top three universities. i do think that ms international deserves to be so. tho the answer made good sense, it wasnt delivered well. ms world gave the best answer for me.
  • archerguyarcherguy PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    We have a beautiful batch of winners this year! And all come from the top 3 schools! Joanna Marie Penalosa, Miss Phils. International, is a civil engineering senior at DLSU. Animo La Salle!!!! Green White Fight!

    Here's a portion of the article from the Manila Bulletin:
    This year's beauty pageant proved to be an amazing battle of wits more than beauty as each one tried to outdo each other with their smart answers, humor and ability to cope under extreme pressure.

    Twenty-two year-old Alagao of Pasay City displayed such trait when asked how she would pursue her ambitions and become successful in the fast-changing world of the new millennium. The question was aimed at determining the winners among the five finalists during the most critical part of the competition.

    "That (question) shouldn't be difficult for someone who's very receptive to new ideas. I guess I have to be on guard all the time. I can't be caught unaware of things to come. One have to be always on the lookout for what is new," Alagao said

    One of the crowd favorites, this beauty also exhibited a good sense of humor and a very transparent and open-minded nature early on during the question-and-answer portion of the semi-finals.

    Posed by the question what she'd do if she found out her boyfriend was gay, Alagao quickly replied that since she's open to new things, she'll be happy to know that and even set him up for a date.

    "I really don't mind. Its like celebrating his femininity. At least he's being real," she added.

    Hugging the tape at 35-23-36 and weighing 120 lbs., this brown-eyed Gemini born on May 28, 1977 also bagged several special awards such as Best in Swimsuit, Ms. Vaseline Healthy Glowing Skin, Best Slimmer's World International, Ms. PAL Sunniest Personality, Binibining Avon and Miss Talent. Her sketch of teen star and Sen. Tito Sotto's daughter Ciara Sotto earned her the award during the talent competition held at the Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall.

    Alagao took up visual communications at the University of the Philippines. Her parents, Thomas and Ma. Corazon, are both retired employes. She is the only girl in the family and the middle child. Her 24-year- old brother works at Digitel, a post-production house, while her 21-year-old younger brother whom she supports is finishing his last year in college.

    The new Miss World was equally outstanding and showed the least bit of nervousness as she calmly answered the questions. In response to how she would pursue her dreams and become successful in the fast changing world of the new millennium, De Guzman said she believes getting and gaining success comes from hard work and diligence.

    "Training myself to be disciplined, to work hard in my education will help get me to the success that I would want to."

    At 19, this "morena" beauty is fully aware of the consequences of war. When asked what she would like to change in this world, De Guzman said she wish war would stop.

    "Most people don't have to suffer the grievances of war and its only because grieve and empowerment destroys peoples lives just so they can get what they want."

    A Cancerian, De Guzman was born on July 8, 1980. She is the oldest child of San Carlos Pangasinan Councilor Diego and businesswoman Edna De Guzman. Her two other siblings are still in grade school. This brown-eyed lass with a 34-25-36 figure and a weight of 124 lbs. is a 2nd year Management Economics major at the Ateneo de Manila University. A resident of Filinvest 1 in Quezon City, De Guzman loves to read and sing during her free time.

    Bagging the Ms. International crown is 20-year-old Penaloza who managed to come up with her best despite the tense atmosphere around her. To emerge a victor in the fast-changing world of the new millennium, Penaloza said "The best way to cope up with things is to always remember the basics. Love one another, be true to one's self because amidst all these technologies and globalization we always tend to forget who we really are and what are purpose is."

    Penaloza prioritizes her education more than anything else. "If you don't have nothing inside, there's no use for it. Your education is your future," she added.

    A civil engineering senior at De La Salle University, this young lady comes from a family of engineers. Her parents Engr. and Architect Orlando and Engr. Linda Mijares Penaloza are her true idols that's why she intends to follow in their footsteps and plans to put up her own engineering company someday. She is the youngest of three children. Born on June 16, 1979 under the sign of Gemini, Penaloza possesses a pair of dark brown twinky eyes, a slim 34-25-36 figure and weighs 112 lbs.

    This was not her first time to join a beauty contest. Last year, she represented her school during the Binibining Centennial Beauty Pageant and emerged as one of the runners-up. She was also a finalist at Bodyshots '99 and chosen first runner-up at the Elite in 1998.

    Aside from reading and playing basketball at her house in Princeville Mandaluyong, her other hobbies include jet-skiing, fishing and hiking.

    Like Alagao, Penaloza also reaped a special award during the contest, the Miss Pond's Beautiful Skin.


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