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Warner Bros. or Disney?

nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
Which stable of characters do you like better?


  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    So we're just talking about the cartoon characters? Well, I would choose Warner Brothers. The characters are cuter and wackier! The Disney characters are too goody-goody for me, although I really like Goofy and Pluto.

    Come to think of it, if we also compare the movies and TV shows, I'd still go for Warner Brothers for the same reasons. Disney is just TOO goody-goody. Not that I don't like Disney, I just like Warner Brothers better. :)
  • The thing with this topic is...are we talking of their classic stable of characters like WB having Bugs, Daffy, Taz, Tweety, etc. while Disney has Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, etc. If we are, The Rock clearly picks Warner Bros. The oldtime Warner Bros. cartoons still run today and seem timeless in their humor and obnoxiousness.

    A friend recenlty asked The Rock why it was that Mickey Mouse is so popular worldwide when Bug Bunny is clearly funnier, smarter, and more of a riot. The answer he read from somewhere was that not everyone can be smart enough to relate to Bugs Bunny. Mickey is pretty much the Disney everyman, the good boy who just smiles and does the right thing. Ironic since the early days of Disney showing him being the fight instigator, much like what Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny, and Daffy Duck became.

    Besides, The Rock's favorite cartoon character remains to be that rolling ball of fur known as TAZ!
  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    Yup, I was just referring to the characters.
  • hmm...
    WARNER!!! pero like ko rin si Mickey!!!! classic act!!
  • warner
  • clawed_outclawed_out PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    mas cool yung mga chars. ng warner

    yung sa disney kasi parang puro pangbata lang, pa cute ba, pero gusto ko rin don si pluto, donald & mickey
  • Nothing wrong with being "goody-goody". I would say it's more wholesome than anything. Who would object to that? True and blue Disney fan, through and through.

    Also a fan of Warner, of course. (LOVE cartoons to death!)

    But Disney... it's a part of me!!! :)
  • yup, it would be warner bros. for me....

    i love taz!!!

    mickey mouse is tooooo annoyingly goodie-goodie.

  • Disney caters mostly to the younger audience.
    I would definitely pick Disney over Warner Bros anytime if it means there's nothing else left on tv for my kids to watch.

    But for my own personal entertainment, i pick Warner Bros coz of its more mature humor. I enjoy watching the classic Bugs Bunny episodes with the Little Green Martian or Yosemite Sam.
  • Warner Bros. produced the Iron Giant
    Warner Bros. has Batman and Superman

    Warner Bros. is much, much better
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    Bumping the topic to the top of the list... :)
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