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movies dat really made u cry =...(

everyone gets really emotional at times (mostly women) especially when were watching those tear-jerker movies on the big screen n we really cant help but weep...but what r the movies that really made u cry once, twice or even thrice or everytime u watch them? or at least got u teary-eyed for a few seconds/minutes ?!... :)

for me, it'll be deep impact (my friends used to tease me abt dis one coz i almost cried for the whole duration of the movie), my girl, titanic, my best friend's wedding, dying young, boys on the side, my life, beaches...hmmm.... :)


  • andami! hehe. my bestfriend's wedding (hits me everytime), stepmom, armageddon, deep impact (yup! it got me too), when a man loves a woman, beaches, sana maulit muli, then there's this one movie with dawn zulueta and christopher de leon where their child died (i forgot the title!), message in a bottle. well, hirap mag-isip on the spot, i'm sure there are some more.
    iyakin ba ko?!? :)
  • gabbie...d movie with cristopher n dawn (wow, close kami! haha)...ive seen that movie on ch 22 a couple of times na pero kakaiyak pa ren...4got d title na ren...d name of the kid pa nga was charina dba?...o sei?! havent seen arma (would u believe?!..pathetic ko!!), hopefully soon!! :)
  • napanood nyo na ba ang Murder In The First?
    that movie made me cry.. :(
  • the movie of dawn with cristopher...
    kung mawawala ka...
  • there's nothing wrong with crying, di ba? dami ko ring inayakan na movies. uh, ok... here's my list:

    1. saving private ryan - tom hanks & matt damon. what a combination!
    2. E.T. - yup, still makes me cry. it reminds me of the importance of friendships.
    3. patch adams - robin williams is just great. it also deals with people and their dreams.
    4. my bestfriend's wedding - for very obvious reasons & coz something quite similar to that happened to me.
    5. awakening - the movie of robert de niro & robin williams. the plot, actors & the cinematography was simply perfect for the movie.

    so kasali sa ba ako sa cry babies club? dami pala tayo eh!
  • actually it was a tv movie at HBO, the other woman. pareho sila ng kwento ng stepmom kaso mas nauna yung sa HBO. grabe i cried the whole movie!
  • I cried a lot on My Best Friends wedding.Even if I watch it several times I still cried a lot. I also like the movie Titanic, i watch it eleven times in a theater on a different day.
  • self-confessed cry baby ako eh. :)
    hindi ko na maalala lahat pero i think the last movie shown that really made me cry was One True Thing.
  • I don't usually cry over movies like some people do, but the movies that really made me shed tears were "My Life" with Nicole Kidman and Micheal Keaton and "Stepmom" where Susan Sorandon co-starred w/ Julia Roberts. The reason why these two movies hit me big time were bec. of the scenes when someone has to bid goodbye and has to go on to another life. It's weird no but I'm pretty selfish when it comes to people dying esp. those that I love, I dont want them to leave me just yet.
  • hunter >;>; thanks for the title! ;)

    broom >;>; i think you should watch armageddon! if u liked deep impact, maiiyak ka rin dito i bet. esp the scene with bruce w. and liv t. ;)

    psylocke >;>; i heard about that movie from a friend of mine. kakaiyak nga daw. she made me kwento the gist and everything, and i said na i really have to watch that! hehe.
  • 1)best friend's wedding (yng scene nung di-nedicate ni Julia Roberts yng theme song nila ni Micheal kay Cameron Diaz at kay Micheal *kaiyak talga*)
    3)Love Story
  • iwis: i agree with you abt Love Story..the movie is as touching as the novel!

    Dying Young, Armageddon, Deep Impact,...

    For My Best Friend's Wedding, i can't remember if i even felt emotional...sorry pero wala talaga eh.

  • MiSTeRYoSA
    MiSTeRYoSA OnE DaY At a TiMe!
    1. "My Girl" Part I
    2. "Kung Mawawala Ka"
    3. A movie about a kid who has AIDS and is looking for a cure in a city with his friend. He died in the end =(
    4. Some movies I can't recall.

    Guess, there should be a cry babies' club. Sabay na rin tayong manood ng movie heheehehe =)
  • Feeling nyo ba basta may namatay in the end eh classified as a "real tear jerker movie"? hehe.

    Cry Babies Club Lives! hehe :)
  • gabbie...hehe i think...tragic kasi e..or talgang cry babies lang tyo?! hehe... :)
  • MiSTeRYoSA
    MiSTeRYoSA OnE DaY At a TiMe!
    Hey peeps! Have u seen "The Cure" (the title of the movie about a kid who has AIDS)
  • misteryosa...yup..yung movie ni brad renfro and d kid na nasa "the client"...tnx for the title ren..hehe i was thinking abt dat movie when i posted d topic..haha.. :)

    dat movie made me cry ren..lalo na yung ending when brad renfro took d shoe of his friend..awww..

    hopefully im talking abt d same movie..hehe :)
  • i remember crying at Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, Titanic (yung part na namatay yung Captain, hindi si Jack!). i am a cry baby, specially if the movie touches on family/close relationships. the most recent movie that made me cry is sixth sense, at hindi yun dahil sa takot! grabe ang ganda ng pelikulang yun! highly recommended film :)
  • Gabbie...
    Iyakin ka talaga!!! Luv yah babe! :)

    Here are my tear-jerkers:
    1. Rugrats - touching kse yung speech ni Tommy about taking care of his younger bro :)
    2. My Best Friend's Wedding
    3. Father of the Bride
  • my list:
    *Mac and Me (does anyone here remember that movie? I even love its theme song...hhaayyyyy :) )
    *Somewhere In Time
    *The Titanic (the scene where the 'rescue team' arrived but Jack already froze to death...corny ba? eh sa naiyak ako don eh! :) )
    *hay, i've cried a million times. OA ako eh :)
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