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fave game show (local/foreign) ever

sa foreign - family feud, name that tune (the reruns on 9 b4) and fun house

sa local - spin a win with jeanne young!


  • jeopardy, who wants to be a millionaire, hollywood squares.
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I like Jeopardy, Family Feud, and The Price is Right.
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    Family Feud
    One Million Dollar Chance of A Lifetime
    Name That Tune
    Child's Play
    Press Your Luck (still remember this one? "No Wammies, no Wammies!")
    Price Is Right

    Does anyone remember the title of this game show where the object of the game was to guess a word by giving clues related to that word? For example, if the word was "dog," the contestant would say "shih tzu, bulldog, poodle, rottweiler, st. bernard..." Arrrgh, can't remember what that show was called.

    My fave local game shows would have to be Battle of The Brains (is this considered a game show?) and Go For It.
  • Ada: $25,000 Pyramid... That was a good game show...
  • guys, wala pa bang who wants to be a millionaire dyan sa flipns? this trivia game show is really exciting. you can actually play online - http://abc.go.com/primetime/millionaire/mill_home.html or try playing jeopardy online - www.jeopardy.com - it's very interactive, real time pitting of wits with people around the world.
  • Family Fued
    One million dollar chance of a lifetime
    the price is right
    wheel of fortune
    Name that tune
  • yeah! fave ko noong bata pa ako (hahaha :) ) yung press your luck! tsaka yung finders keepers sa nickelodeon dati...
  • When still a kid I enjoyed the Price is Right. Remember the ultra-talented models showing the showcases. Seems very laughably tacky now.

    Family Feud is fantastic only the host keeps on kissing all the female contestants.

    Press Your Luck is fun at first, but I got bored at it after a while.

    The $25,000 Pyramid is good.

    Name That Tune is okay.

    One Million Chance of a Lifetime. Y'know where contestants guess letters and then the word or phrase. It's like Wheel of Fortune, but snappier and craftier.

    Of course, Jeopardy is tops.
  • asterisk, i think you will love who wants to be a millionaire. it's the latest trivia game craze in the states. YOU WILL LOVE IT! GO REGIS PHILBIN!
  • oo nga no peps! para kasing hindi gameshow ang dating niya eh.... pero namimiss ko na ring sumigaw sa harap ng tv dahil ang boberts nung ibang contestants =)
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    Foreign: The Price is Right, Jeopardy, and Wheel of Fortune.

    Local: None that I can think of.

  • Yes, Sinned, I've heard about this millionaire game show and it is really a craze in the U.S. Hope it will arrive in the 'pines soon. how is it played?
  • ESEP-ESEP....
    Pera o Bayong! hahaha lol!
  • Family Feud
    One Million Dollar Chance of a Lifetime
    Wheel of Fortune

  • blockbusters, jeopardy, name that tune and $25,000 pyramid.

    local, wala
    unless you count BATTLE OF THE BRAINS (mas masaya yung BATTLE OF THE BRAINLESS, actually)

  • have any of you ever seen the newlywed game? they get newly married couples to compare notes.. its hilarious! couples arguing over the color of toothbrushes, over dates of anniversaries... but if you think about it, these are real issues that we actually do get into silly fights over!
  • Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune...
  • one million dollar...
    if the price is right
    jeopardy (medyo nakakabobo nga lang)
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