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what's your favorite tv advertisement

do you have any favorite tv advertisements?
ako...ive always liked coca-cola ads
what about you guys?

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  • Kevin Garnett's player's delight!
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    I really love the Kodak commercials! All of them!

    Right now I really like the Pepsi Kulay ad, and the Cadbury ad (it's cadbury, it's chocolate). :)
  • The Coca-Cola ads with Paolo Fabregas and Belinda Panelo. Yung may line na "bridesmaid ka lang!!"

    Come to think of it, akala ko may kasunod pa yon. Diba parang series yon. What happened to the next ones??
  • I would definitely have to agree..... Coke's "bridesmaid ka lang..." takes the cake!!! VERY cute girl.....
  • All of the San Miguel commercials hehehehehehehehe halata bang lasenggero? :)
  • clawed_outclawed_out PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    the new whisper commercial...

    ala lang ang colorful eh!
    & that of coke's too!
  • Coca Cola... lalo na yung "Ang sarap kasama ng pamilya..."

    Sprite's magpakatotoo ka series...


    Jordan's commercials...

    cute nga yung player's delight hahaha!! aliw!
  • dami ko palang kasama na fave ang coke ads

    Cara:ganda rin concept ng Kodak ads

    adamkulit: san miguel has a way of making its mark,it epitomizes kse the filipino culutre in all its ads

    clawed_out: whisper does make its mark with its "colors" dati-dati kse naman puro black lahat.

    black: cute din yung sprite japorms series
  • yup yup!!! coca-cola's kulay ad!

    and cute din yung ponds ad... yung wedding!

    and yung series nina belinda and paolo...
  • 1. All johnson's and johnsons's add except filipino made. :)
    2. Coca-cola commercials
    3. All nescafe ads
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