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40 Days and 40 Nights....who's gonna watch it/watched it?

HeavenlynessHeavenlyness dats not my eye!!! PExer
I dont think it's out yet on theatres, but I've heard and seen about it in commercials. Josh is soooooooooooo hot! Are you gonna watch it? Since I started this thread way before it's even shown in theatres, just share with me what you thought about the movie after u watch it...

here's a poster...


  • homeBuddyhomeBuddy Member PExer
    i a big fan of sex comedies e!!!

    tatagal kaya si Josh?!
  • Road DoggRoad Dogg Smell My Face!!! PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    It'll be shown on March 1 on US theaters. I might watch it. :)

    No sex for lent... for 40 days! :glee:

    You won't even last a week!! :glee:
  • sweet_angel79sweet_angel79 Mommy Ni Maiah PExer
    I'll totally going to watch it!!!!Crush ko si Josh !!!!:cheerleader:
  • crybabymakicrybabymaki Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i just saw this movie yesterday, and it was a total laughing trip.


    the plot is pretty stupid, but thats what makes the movie pretty funny. josh hartnett is so handsome i get all weak in the knees just watching him :love:

    hay, if only i werent engaged to nick....


  • sweet_angel79sweet_angel79 Mommy Ni Maiah PExer
    I've also seen the movie last Tuesday....
    It was really funny!!!!
    pero ayos yung nag sex sila without physical contact.... only using the orchids.....
  • rinoarinoa Assassin's Ho PExer
    waaahhh!!! kelan kaya mapapalabas yan dito. i'm definitely going to watch that one. ang cute cute cute cute 23984093478723950x cute ni josh! *drool*

    anyone knows when the local showtimes are?
  • scrollscroll Member PExer
    anythin with josh, il watch!!!! :heartful:

    pero mukhang babaw nung story... but then, what the heck!! ok lang... basta i get to see josh--- but then, no nudity, ergo, i wont see josh strip down!! hahaha... manyak!!:D

    btw... dont you guys think josh looks a lil bit like marat safin sa poster?!?! esp with the hair... i dunno... nare-remind ako
  • mintymalonemintymalone The dynamite PExer
    I really want to watch the movie. I'm hoping it will be shown soon. It seems like a fun no-brainer movie.

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