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Best Kiss!

I know this questions is sooo MTV Awards-ish, wala lang, just want to know if you notice things like these when you watch a movie. :)


  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    alam ko mejo weird, pero i think the best kiss eh yung sa my bestfriend's wedding, when julia roberts kissed dermott mulroney....wala lang...kse yun yung parang pinaka-"shocking" kiss, kahit nde naman shocking...gets nyo ba?? hehe labo ko...

  • neth_row, yeah gets ko yun. sobrang shocking...!
  • Romeo and Juliet.... Never Been Kissed
  • Never Been Kissed

    Jerry Maguire- the one by the door ng house ng girl after the date....*sigh*

  • BlisterBlister PEx Rookie ⭐
    Reality bites..
    Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawke,,
  • Reality Bites, ever!

    The kiss was so real, and I would exchange place with Winona anytime for that kiss with Ethan.
  • JaM8JaM8 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Kissing Scene In CASABLANCA for me Is The Best Kiss.

    YUK!!! KISS April Boy Regino KISSES Kris Aquino Lips To Lips In The Buzz.
  • JaM8: my god! talaga? april boy and kris??? susmariosep! kadiri!!!! yuck, yuck, yuck!!!!!

    anyway, kahit hindi sa movie, gusto ko yung joey and dawson kiss sa dawson's creek...di ko alam pero para akong nahilo....how shall i say it...napaka....ardent....???? mwahahaha.....
  • "First Knight"-- Richard Geere and Julia Ormmond
  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    yup, ganda nga yung nasa first night.....

    pwede bang sa TV??

    maganda yung kiss ni Ross and ni Rachel sa F.R.I.E.N.D.S......yung nasa Central Perk na gabi na....
  • neth_row - yup the first ross rachel kiss. kakilig. yung kiss din between buffy and angel in the season ender where she "kills" angel.

    sa movies? Romeo and Juliet! And sa Cant Hardly Wait, between Seth Green and that girl (the one he has sex w in the bathroom scene?)... yung part na nag-walk out si girl tapos hinabol siya ni Seth sa kalsada... it wasnt the kiss so much as the way he looked at her after... masyado bang obscure?
  • best kiss for me was when bill pullman kissed sandra bullock in "while you were sleeping" right after he proposed to her in that cubicle & bill pullman's family were all staring at them...*sigh*
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    I think one of the best kisses is the church kiss, tongue kiss (?) in The Wedding Singer. :)

    neth_row: Yeah, that kiss was really kilig!

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