What's the best Filipino movie you've seen?

AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
I don't know if you guys like Filipino movies (I don't) but I'm sure there are some of them which are worth watching. What movies are those?


  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    I am not a Filipino Movie watcher myself, but there was one particular film that stands out from way back -- The Bagets. Don't laugh but I was pretty young back then and I can recall enjoying it at that time. Also, I hear that Rizal was very good, although I haven't had the chance to see it myself.
  • batang uliranbatang uliran Administrator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    The best I've seen is Peque Gallaga's Oro Plata Mata.

    Other really good ones I've seen include:

    Ishmael Bernal's Himala
    Mike De Leon's Sister Stella L and Kisapmata
    and Lino Brocka's Jaguar

    2 Filipino movies I've never seen but are among the best ever are Lamberto Avellana's Badjao and Gerry De Leon's Ifugao. Both films reaped major awards in the Asian Film Festival at a time when the likes of Akira Kurosawa's films vied for recognition in the same film festival.
  • maroonedmarooned Member PExer
    mike de leon movies are worth watching. mawawala yung bias mo against pinoy films coz they were done intelligently.

    his best are batch 81 (about frats), kakabakaba ka ba? (a comedy-musical bordering on the inane but with a lot of social commentary and undertones), and kisapmata. you can borrow them from the masscom archives. they allow it na kung cmc student ka.
  • batang uliranbatang uliran Administrator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    do you know if either Banjao or Ifugao are available sa Masscom archives? It is reputed that no copy of Ifugao exists so sayang since it is one of our best movies ever and it's not even that old - 1950s! One thing we've never been very good at is preserve aspects of our heritage!
  • maroonedmarooned Member PExer
    lemme check next week. they got a ton of new titles last term donated by some prominent family. i heard the collection is really great and some are quite rare (including tagalog stuffs by gerry de leon). they have yet to archived it though, plus, there is this additional problem yata na the copies are in beta format. i have to warn though that not all copies can be taken out; some, especially the rare ones, can only be viewed inside cmc or up film center and with the recommendation of an adviser. but i will see what i can come up with.
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    Nix: Rizal was good. A tad too long if you ask me but Abaya was able to keep us from drifting off into slumberland. You really should watch it sometime. :)

    I am craving for Brocka's films! I saw his "Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang" at the UP Film Center and I was very impressed. My prof, who required us to watch the movie, told me to see "Orapronobis" which is said to be one of Brocka's better films. Has anyone seen this one? What's it about?

    Sakay was also good, so was Ligaya (although I felt that there was more nudity than was needed).

    Since we're talking about Filipino films, (this is kinda off-topic but what da heck!) after the success of Rizal both money-wise and awards-wise, I thought that the movie industry would finally wake up and start making those quality movies which we've been lacking forever. But lo and behold, I was mistaken! It hasn't gotten any better, maybe even worse.

    What can you expect from movies with the titles "Talong", "Hubad sa Ilalim ng Dagat" and "Umuulan Non... Basa ang Bukid!" Sheesh, they should give an award to the "creative" ppl who come up with these titles, and then shoot them in the head. I dread to think what a movie with those titles will be about.

    Oh well. I was hoping to see the movie industry improve in my lifetime. Maybe I will if I live to be 500.
  • dondon es muy guapo, ese! PExer
    I watched "Ekis". I was surprised that there was a story, lousy nga lang.

    And just in case you need to know, Sunshine Cruz didn't bare all that much, so it's not worth watching.
  • maroonedmarooned Member PExer
    thanks for the info don. i knew it, sunshine was all publicity. joyce jimenez pa din talaga !!
  • anferneeanfernee Member PExer
    hi, am new here, and worse(!) not even a big fan of filipino movies. i've seen some, as they were required in school, like fpj's 'panday'. of the very few films i've seen (you can use the fingers on your hands to count 'em), i guess 'rizal' stands out.

    have to agree with ada, though. i sure was hoping for better films after rizal. but then... :)
  • cathscaths Member PExer
    Two Filipino movies stand out in my mind...
    Bata Bata Paano Ka Ginawa and Rizal. Bata Bata was cool because of the honesty of the characters. The script was excellent. Rizal, on the other hand, was aesthetically beautiful. However, if people without any background of Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo will view it, they will get lost. But I'm sure Nix would like it.
  • jackjack Cebu Blogger PExer
    Call me baduy, but i bet a least one's in ur life u watched a pinoy movie in the theather or just on cable or TV. Do you have any favorites? I really do think we pinoys are capable of creating motion picture master pieces.

    my favorites
    1. Rizal
    2, Rizal sa Dapitan
    3. Pare Ko
    4. Scorpio Nights 2
    5. Madrasta

    whats' urs...hehehhe
  • batang uliranbatang uliran Administrator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    Ada I think started a thread asking the same question a while back. If you change the topic setting to view topics beyond just the last 10 days, you will see it.
  • pinheadpinhead booooooo! PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    jose rizal pa lang siguro...kayo, anong pick niyo?
  • annann kabute PExer
    there r philippine cinema fests at the ccp & the up theater ... u should try & see some of the films they show, esp those of brocka, diaz-abaya, gallaga [the early works], et al

    u should see karnal, maynila: sa kuko ng liwanag, insiang, oro plata mata, jaguar, bona, the original panday series [not the bong revilla & jinggoy estrada versions, pls!], etc

    jose rizal would rate abt 7.5 compared to the 9 to 9.9 of the others, guaranteed! :)
  • pinheadpinhead booooooo! PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i've only seen jaguar and the panday series...sige i'll try to watch that movie that u've said...thanx...
  • shivashiva Member PExer
    i think you guys should watch bata-bata paano ka ginawa - very good film...

    also, many of you may not agree, but the movie made by siguion-reyna where rosanna roces plays a prostitute was absolutely fantastic!
  • YoshiYoshi Member PExer
    Meron naman, kaya lang mostly are old films. Mga Brocka films, Diaz-Abaya films, Mike de Leon films, ekek. Siguion-Reyna films are also nice. Try to catch the filmfests because they show good Filipino films. Sad to say, most of them luma na talaga.
  • weyeweye Member PExer
    i also liked 'Miguel/Michelle'. it was really, really good film but as usual it wasn't given enough recognition cause the cast wasn't that "well-known". romnic sarmienta (?) played the lead and he truly deserves an award. so does cris villanueva.

    too bad filipinos don't know how to appreciate really good acting. they prefer the dramas of judy ann santos or pa-cutes of jolina.
  • amca12amca12 Member PExer
  • kulupingkuluping hmmmm.... PExer
    i think there are a lot of good quality filipino movies... but unfortunately, they were all decades old. so some of us might not have a chance of watching them.

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