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Just love pets

I'm staying in Canada with my family. My wife and I just love pets. We give much space and freedom for them. We don't have children. But, we just play with these pets and enjoy with them. So, it is also a way by which we spend our time.
I'm here to get a clear idea about the ownership of a monkey in Canada. Is it legal to own a pet monkey in Canada? Does anyone have any idea? I was searching for it and asked many of my friends too. But then, I didn't get a clear idea about the legal procedures? Can anyone from Canada or any legal experts help me? I was so eager to know about this while reading a blog http://www.torontodefencelawyers.com/blog/general-category/illegal-monkey-canada/ and I thought of making it clear.
It says that, it is legal to own a pet monkey in some of the parts of Canada depending upon the provinces. Does anyone which are those places?
Your suggestions and guidance will be highly apprecieated.
Thanks in advance
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