Prettiest Halliwell Sister???

jackjack Cebu Blogger PExer
if you're going to choose who among the "charmed" ones would you like to date, which one would it be?


  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    Well, I'm a girl so I wouldn't want to have a date with any of them. =)

    I find Holly (please correct me if I'm wrong) very pretty. I noticed her beauty during her Picket Fences days. For some reason, I used to mistake her for Neve Campbell, and vice versa. I dunno why.

    Alyssa Milano is also pretty, but I think Holly is prettier. :)
  • bunnybunny s p u n k y PExer
    Kala ko Si Geri Halliwell...LOL

    Anyways, I like Alyssa not butch ok!!! I just find her real pretty, thats all!!! :)
  • JonnyJonny Charonte Demon PExer
    yah. Phoebe is the fOiNeZt HaLLiWeLL ;)
  • 24/724/7 Member PExer
  • PaJaMaSPaJaMaS Member PExer
    they're all pretty, but if i would choose one, it would be... piper
  • Dr. EvilDr. Evil Member PExer
    Alyssa Milano. I had a crush on her even when she was on "Who's the Boss?" with Tony Danza. :)
  • wAgKaNgMaKuLiTwAgKaNgMaKuLiT Unregistered PExer

    all of them are pretty, depende naman yan sa taste ng tao eh...

    ...but i think alyssa milano is the younger looking among the three (and the cutest) kaya siguro most chose her as the prettiest.

  • bLaCkbLaCk Member PExer
    cutest si PIPER
    prettiest si PHOEBE
    beautiful si PRUE
  • YoshiYoshi Member PExer
    Phoebe! Phoebe! Phoebe!
    Alyssa Milano pa rin! :)

    Actually, they all look pretty, in different ways. Prue looks smart (kahit medyo gurang na si Shannen Doherty) and Piper is a classic example of "simple" beauty.
  • clawed_outclawed_out Banned by Admin PExer
    si Phoebe !
  • BlisterBlister chutzpah PEx Rookie ⭐
    I like the power of Prue...
    But honestly when it comes to personality I'm very much like Phoebe.. :)
  • kiraykiray Member PExer
  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator
    Kay Phoebe ako.

    Maganda mga ...mata niya. ;)
  • bing2xbing2x Lavander&Lilac PExer
    piper !!
    and she gets the cutest guys, too.
  • Pretty_PiperPretty_Piper simple but pretty PExer
    PIPER! (syempre some say i kinda look like her daw ;) we have the same features..well some lang :) )

    but i have to admit, they're all beautiful...depends lang talaga kung ano taste mo.

    they all look good together sa Charmed...kakapanibago nung si Rose na yung 3rd sister.
  • maratsafinmaratsafin russo PExer
    PIPER: pretty and simple

    PHOEBE: pretty and playful

    PAIGE: pretty and sexy
  • sethseth ?!?!?!?! PExer
    Piper!!! she's soooo sweet hehehe
  • kAeDe_LuKaWakAeDe_LuKaWa dUh-donG!!! PExer
    i like Prue esp. when she doesn't wear any .. :wink: .. heheh ....

    but i like Piper most ..
  • Leo_WyattLeo_Wyatt For The Record PExer
    Uy! May thread palang ganito. :lol:

    All of them are pretty but I choose HOLLY!!!
  • blue_centaurblue_centaur ****************** PExer
    Holly Marie Combs a.k.a. Piper Halliwell!!! *okay*

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