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Best and Worst dressed showbiz people

showbiz people are not limited to those in the movies, pwede ring singers, cover girls, models...

my best dressed:

Agot Isidro
Lara Fabregas
MaiMai Cojuangco
Kuh Ledesma
Gelli de Belen
Richard Gomez
Bojo Molina
Onemig Bondoc
Franco Laurel

worst dressed:

Pops Fernandez
Claudine Barretto
Judy Ann Santos
John Regala
Marvin Agustin

Jolina Magdangal (ang hirap espelengin)


  • c'mon, post your reply........
  • tulog na ata lahat, king...hehe

  • worst dressed:
    judy anne santos, sunshine dizon, kim delos santos, red sternberg, bobby andrews, angelu de leon, claudine barretto (haha lalo na sa pare ko..wenk!)

    hmm c jolina..weird lang tlaga mga clothes nya n out of this world type...but she can carry herself well naman without looking that baduy e...mejo lang..bwehehe n sumtyms really weird outfits lang tlaga...
  • worst dressed:
    angelu de leon(mahilig mag white shoes!), rica peralejo(pumayat lang eh kung anu-ano na ang suot),judy anne santos,claudine barretto,janno gibbs

    best dressed:
    aga muhlach! :)

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  • worst dressed: ruffa guttierez(taste cannot be bought my dear by mere name brand flashing), angelu de leon(white shoes,nuff said), Vina Morales(make her wear a prada...wala pa rin..hehe too bad she just broke up with Migs Zubiri that was the best thing going for her :D), Rica Peralejo(don't show me ur thighs, please ), Claudine Barretto(yes pare ko..the pit of bad taste and doesn't her billionaire Sister buy her clothes or at least hire a personal stylist coz she can easily afford it and yes..stop being an anorexic!!!!) and yes, Judy Anne Santos(yes you did lose weight..try to at least shop at the right stores?)..meron pa, Sharon Cuneta(hello! why do u go around saying you lost 40 pounds?!?! i don't see it!! maybe because you keep on hiding it under those dram three piece suits which are not flattering or even stylish)

    borderline: Jolina Magdangal..ok she can pull it off some of the times but she has this tendency to over do it and trying way too hard to look different...does she really wear those stuff every day? parang hindi ata..it all goes with the attitude..and attitude she has not...

    best dressed: Agot Isidro(her New York life shows a classic style), Dawn Zulueta (well when she was still doing shows she always looked great), Gretchen Barretto(yes yes..money can give you great shopping power and it shows :)), Mai Mai Cojuangco (breeding and money do a lot of wonders :D), Richard Gomez(with Paul Smith as sponsor..who wouldn't? but can be a bit fruity...), Franco Laurel(cute cute..pero heard he's gay? that's why..hmm..proves my theory..guys who care about what they wear and look can be a tad on the other side of the fence :))
  • WORST DRESSED: Si ROSELLE NAVA (sa mga classmates ni Roselle sa DLSU, puwedeng pakisabihan, ANG BADUY NIYA) Ang sarap patayin pag kino-close up na siya. . . pakunu-kunot noo pa. yakkkkkkks. . .

    BEST DRESSED: Carmina Villaroel, Gretchen Baretto and Maricel Soriano. Sa guys, I go for Aga Muhlach and Diether Ocampo
  • worst dressed: ROSELLE NAVA!!!!! sheesh!!!!

    best dressed: aga muhlach, carmina villaroel, dawn zulueta, kuh ledesma
  • who watched the star awards last sat on tv??
    did u see rosanna roces' dress?!!

    grabe! ang galing!
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    Reading your posts, I definitely agree with these:

    worst dressed -
    Kim de los Santos, Janno Gibbs

    best dressed -
    Aga Muhlach and Deither Ocampo

  • best dressed:
    gwyneth palthrow
    richard & lucy gomez
    keempee de leon
    joey deleon
    vic sotto
    charlene gonzalez
    aileen damiles

    worst dressed;
    Vina MOrales
    jolina magdangal
    claudine barreto (humingi ka ng advice sa mga ate mo)
    angelu deleon
    the rest ng ABS-CBN stars
  • rowell santiago - good grooming! japorms

    hey, agot was named best dressed female actress by preview.
  • uptowngirluptowngirl PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    si jolina...ok naman pag wala sa showbiz ata...she used to study in UP hindi naman ganun ka over suot niya. tsaka kaya naman niyang i-carry eh.

    ugh Roselle Nava? top 1 worst-dressed in my list.


  • Best Dressed:

    Diether Ocampo
    Richard Gomez
    Agot Isidro
    Cristine Jacob
    Dawn Zulueta
    MaiMai Cojuangco
    G Toengi

    Worst Dressed:
    Cacai Velasquez
    Regine Velasquez
    Janno Gibbs
    Pops Fernandez
    Claudine Baretto
    Judy Ann Santos
    Rica Peralejo
  • Best Dressed Men: Diether Ocampo, Aga Muhlach, Franco Laurel, and sometimes Goma (when he's in his Paul Smith attire although I have a feeling if he dressed himself, olats siya)

    Women: Agot Isidro (I may not be fond of her but the woman has style!), MaiMai Cojuanco (of the sisters she has the most panache), Dawn Zulueta (excuse me Ruffa pero YAN ang class! Ikaw CRASS) and Lulu Tan Gan (then again that's why she owns the knit market!)

    Worst: Trinity LOL! I agree with your choices and comments. Lalo na kay Ruffa, Rica Peralejo, Angelu and Claudine... just cos you have the money to buy brands doesnt mean you automatically look good. Pwede ba!
  • vina morales has weird fashion taste....
    regine used to look nice when henares was still her manager...now...over, mag ala mariah ba kahit may some kind of bilbil?
  • vina morales has weird fashion taste....
    regine used to look nice when henares was still her manager...now...over, magala mariah ba kahit may some kind of bilbil?


  • worst!!
    cris villonco
    jolina magdangal
    antoinette taus
    rica peralejo
    g toengi
    pops fernandez
    joey mead
    donita rose
    charlene gonzales
    agot isidro
    amy perez
  • worst -
    - vina morales(though she's got tight abs, she can't dress even if her life depended on it)
    - ruffa gutierrez(so trying hard)
    - juday & claudine(just plain BADUY)
    - courtney cox
    - neve campbell(not that i don't like her, but, where does she shops?! lacey chabert is way better)
    - shannen doherty
    - regine velasquez (agree with chez-o)

    best -
    - aga muhlach
    - diether ocampo
    - brad pitt
    - tom hanks
    - jennifer anniston
    - sharon stone
    - elizabeth hurley
    - ricky martin

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