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Question about UP's Creative Writing Program

Hi! I'm an Engineering grad from UP Diliman, is it possible for me to credit my undergrad units when I apply for the Creative Writing Program? Ano yun bale, BA or MS ko? How do I apply? When's the ap sked? what's the procedure( i.e. may interview pa ba)? I'm planning to start my MS in Diliman by next sem. Can I concurrently enroll in the CW Program ?

Help naman to those who have the answers. Salamat.


  • Hi there!

    If you plan to pursue a Master's Degree in English Studies, Major in Creative Writing, there may be a couple of back subjects that you'll need to take.

    You may call 922-1830 for further details. Ask to speak to Ms. Arlene. Another option would be to call the Graduate Studies school of the College of Arts and Letters.

    Good luck!
  • mac_bolan00mac_bolan00 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    arlene who? please describe her. i might have "known" her.

  • Is Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo head of the UP writing center?
  • Originally posted by UST_BOY
    Is Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo head of the UP writing center?

    She is the Director of Likhaan: the University of the Philippines Creative Writing Center, but only until May, I think. After that, the Department will elect a new Director.
  • ms in what?im an engineering undergrad. :)

    one of my professors took her ms in engg while taking up units in music. pinagbawalan sya. i dont know if the same case would be the same for you, but im just citing an experience.

    good luck though! :)
  • Heya, I don't know about the particulars, (as to whether you'll be allowed) but the last day for submission for transfer applications is April 19th.
  • Oy thanks, thanks for the all the info. Am going to Diliman this week to file my application for MS ( am still choosing between Enviro Engg. or MS Mat Science) and also to inquire about the CW program. haay, sana payagan akong pagsabayin.
    thanks ulit Mr Dean and monsterboy for the helpful info.
  • Originally posted by Mister Dean

    She is the Director of Likhaan: the University of the Philippines Creative Writing Center, but only until May, I think. After that, the Department will elect a new Director.
  • I received an email from UP that I was rejected to take up the master's degree in creative writing? I was so upset, heartbroken and I feel like this is the end of the world for me.

    I was really pressured on the exam and I feel bad that I did not pass it.

    Are there any grad students here who are taking creative writing as a masters in UP?

    Is the exam their only basis and is it true that there will be no retakes?
  • Hey, Assassin_D. I'm currently finishing my thesis for the MA CW program at UP. Sorry to hear about what happened. From what I know, they also consider the transcript, recommendations, and the writing samples you submitted other than the writing exam. If it's any consolation, there are a lot of applicants to the program each sem (although come to think of it that probably doesn't factor in the screening process). I don't think it's true that retakes are not allowed. People can improve on their writing; the ICW should know that better than anyone.

    Why don't you try UST's creative writing program? Jing Hidalgo is back as head (while teaching some classes at UP), and from what I heard they're aggressively trying to improve their creative writing center after years of inactivity. DLSU also has a nice enough MFA program in creative writing. If you're willing to relocate, Silliman and UP Mindanao also have nationally recognized programs.

    Good luck!
  • Wow, I envy you for that. Good luck to your thesis. I was so depressed after hearing the news and it was the admin from decl who told me there's no retake. I guess there were 10 of us who took the exam. I'm afraid to try again. I was so pressured when I took the exam and maybe I've got a really poor score so they told me I don't have any second chances. The door to UPD is closed for me forever. :
  • Hi All,

    I'm an engineering grad from a State University. The problem is, I want to take a graduate program in Creative Writing, pwede kaya?

    Admission Requirements

    Master’s Degree Program

    Possession of a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent (degree or title) from the University or from other recognized institutions of higher learning;
    A GWA of 2.0 or better;
    High quality and integrity of intellect;
    English language proficiency;
    Specific evidence of creative talent in any of the genres (for M.A. and Ph.D. Creative Writing);
    Satisfaction of additional University/course requirements such as 3-12 units of undergraduate courses if previous academic degrees are deemed inadequate;
    A passing mark in the admissions examination to be evaluated by the Graduate Admissions Committee; and
    Other special admission requirements stipulated by the Graduate Admissions Committee.

    These qualifications shall be determined through:

    Examination of undergraduate credentials;
    Recommendation of two former professors and/or recognized authorities in the discipline or area of specialization;
    Character reference; and
    Interview with the applicant, or other appropriate means.

    Ang problem is hindi 2.0 ang GWA ko, hello engineering! But interested talaga akong pag-aralan ang creative writing at bumalik sa academe.

  • Hi. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in English in a University here in Bicol. Is this eligible for MA CW program at University of the Philippines Diliman? Thank you. 
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