what can u say about the teletubbies?

well they're generally cute. pero bading daw si tinky winky, yung purple teletubby na may purse. lalaki daw talaga yon? bad example...


  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    Cute, but brainless. But my niece loves to watch the them.
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    Cute!? If those monkeys (whatever they are) on tv look anything like those dolls they sell in Greenhills, blech! Ugly and definitely not adorable.

    Btw, is there any truth to the news that the show was banned in the US because studies revealed that it wasn't good for the mental growth of kids?
  • i agree with ada...they aint cute, no no no!! imbis na matuwa bata dun, parang babangungutin pa ata sila e :O
  • YoshiYoshi Member PExer
    They are simply ANNOYING! Sino bang nagpasimuno ng palabas na yan, ha? Pag ako yung bata, sobrang matatakot ako sa kanila! :)
    EH OH!

    Anong matutunan ng bata sa mga ngongo na yon.

    ADA....they're still showing teletubbies in the U.S.

    Buh Bye!
  • ReinneReinne Member PExer
    Teletubbies look stupid and they are so damn annoying! I just hate them and I don't find them cute.
  • wAgKaNgMaKuLiTwAgKaNgMaKuLiT Unregistered PExer

    ...what's a teletubbie anyway...???
  • annemacannemac Member PExer

  • exorsisterexorsister Member PExer
    Honestly, the first time I saw them, they scared me!
  • sampaguitasampaguita no, i'm not for sale PExer
    hey... I kinda like the cute little fellas... :)
  • hAshhAsh Member PExer
    Hay nako who even thought about that show ba. its just so anoying
  • bunnybunny s p u n k y PExer
    SCCAAARRRRYYYY!!! They look like monkeys na aliens...weird!!! I dont know why kids love them! Tapos meron pang Badingkiwinky (Tinky Winky) LOL :D
  • harley quinnharley quinn Member PExer
    Now, now. The show and characters were created for the kids and they seem to love them. We may think nothing of them but the kids do. Although if I had a kid of my own, I'll try my best to prevent him from getting hooked to the show. :)
  • chez-ochez-o Bollywood Icon PExer
    i don't like them...they remind me of a group of girls in the dorm....pandak na pacute....
  • wAgKaNgMaKuLiTwAgKaNgMaKuLiT Unregistered PExer

    ganon? pa-cute? maka-nood nga...
  • YoshiYoshi Member PExer
    chez-o: Evil ka! Kilala ko yung mga girls. Pero oo, mukha nga naman talaga silang Teletubby eh. :) :) :)
  • n|xn|x Member PExer
    cute...yet annoying...lets just say they're annoyingly cute...
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    I really don't find them cute. They look scary and ugly.
  • uptowngirluptowngirl Moderator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    they're definitely not cute.
  • phoebephoebe Member PExer
    geeez, they are NOT cute! they look like smiling aliens. if i find a teletubby in my room tapos madilim, i'd freak out!

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