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please give me sum info about ALFER GUIANG of UST!!!

ohmigosh! im so interested in knowing Alfer Guiang of UST. He's my classmate in one course for almost 4 months now and we never had the time to talk with each other. He's so enigmatic and a li'l weird but he is cute!:blushing: to anyone who knows him, pls. let me know. thanks.;)


  • alfer as in alfred? kilala ko siya a! he's an acquaintance of mine in the college, but not so close. may pagka-weird nga yun. weird ideas and weird remarks. but he's cool and braniac. napakagimikero pa. what else do u want to know?:hmm:
  • hi moondragon!:) so, he's ur classmate. in what subject? is he really that weird? haay... never got the chance to talk to him. jst hi's and hello's lang. anyway, tell me more bout him, pls. like where he lives, how many siblings does he have, etc. thanks!;)
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