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worst actors and actresses???

Y2K-G_21Y2K-G_21 The Big Ticket PExer
For me sa locals si Diether Ocampo!!!!!
He sucks that's it!!!!!
Sa hoolywood si Sarah Jessica Parker!!
Sex and the city????
The stupidest show ever!!!!!


  • KeyserSozeKeyserSoze Member PExer
    KG: Im not a fan of Sarah Jessica Parker pero I like Sex in the City. I like its candidness.
    Sorry pero meron mas bobo umarte kay Onemig Bondoc!
  • RentheadRenthead Banned by Admin PExer
    Joanne Quintas in Vampira. Sowee about that.
  • YoshiYoshi Member PExer
    Buong talent center ng GMA. At least yung sa ABS-CBN may talent kahit papaano.
  • bLuHeAvNbLuHeAvN Member PExer
    Onemig Bondoc
    Kris Aquino
    ->;they make me wanna *****!
  • Y2K-G_21Y2K-G_21 The Big Ticket PExer
    Nakalimutan ko nga pala sina Kris Aquino and Onemig!!!!
    kaya nga nakakasuka sila!!!
  • CiGaWeTteCiGaWeTte kiss my ash PExer
    umm.... super dami na eh... espescially the new unknown filipino teen actors/actresses... the last time i watched those programs, kulang nalang basahin nila yung script nila eh, para silang nagtutula... ohweLlz...
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    That young actress, Ann Curtis. Oh boy, she sucks. Big time.
  • ^sunny^^sunny^ sun-shiney day! PExer
    ira: uh-huh!!! sobrang annoying yang girl na yan!!! kaasar yung pa-cute na accent niya. trying hard to be a dalaga pa...
  • sampaguitasampaguita no, i'm not for sale PExer
    3 words: Jennifer Love Hewitt (can we say "overactress"?)

    not to mention all the soap stars...
  • hAshhAsh Member PExer
    Si Juday walang kwenta talaga!! Sylvester Stallone's acting is a big joke too
  • StJamesStJames pong! PExer
    Rey 'OA' Abellana
  • kiraykiray Member PExer
    The whole cast of "CLICK."!!!!!
  • bunnybunny s p u n k y PExer
    Ugghhh..Onemig Bondoc...he's not even the worst actor...because he's not an actor...He cant act talaga!!!
  • GuhitGuhit Komikero PExer
    Sorry, pero pambihira ang Filipino and Filipina film actor na talagang marunong umarte. I can't help but squirm in my seat, embarrassed because the actors can't act. Lahat sila walang ginawa kundi tumula. Para laging memorized ang script. Laging conscious sa camera. Maraming pa-porma, pa-gwapo, pa sexy. Marami sa kanila feeling stars. Pambihira lang talaga ang true actors. I won't bother writing them down kasi baka hanggang bukas ako dito.

    Pero I wouldn't mind listing some of my favorite actors which include Pen Medina and John Arcilla.
  • bLaCkbLaCk Member PExer
    hmm.. Ann Curtis and Paula Peralejo!!! pretty pero ewww!!!

    basta teen stars today!!!! nakakainis!!!
  • bLaCkbLaCk Member PExer
    hmm.. Ann Curtis and Paula Peralejo!!! pretty pero ewww!!!

    basta teen stars today!!!! nakakainis!!!

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