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ABS-CBN: Janus Silang

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    The book is about a teenager named Janus, who, along with his friends, is so obsessed with an online game called TALA, or Terra Anima Legion of Anitos, a role playing game developed by three Filipinos. The players create their own characters, known as BAT or the Bayani-Anito-Tandem and should pass each level to continue with the game. The developers made sure that no BAT is alike. For their option of characters they can choose between a Bagani or a Pusong for their Bayani and a Diwata or an Anito for their Anito. It’s a game where players have to kill Filipino folkloric and mythical creatures like the tikbalang, manananggal, berberoka and mambabarang among others to advance to the next level.

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    Looks interesting pero sino ang gaganap si Grae Fernandez sana
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  • etxeteraetxetera PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Grae at Jessy Mendiola younger version ba talaga ang LT :glee:

    Mas bet ko Grae kung action action and Joshua sa drama pero lets see how he will fare here :lol:
    Woah! This is exciting. I just hope they pick the right actors. Btw, any idea when's the 3rd book gonna be released?
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    Sword Art Online? chaar! :lol: I haven't read the books pero the plot looks interesting. mas maganda sana kung weekends nalang to or weekly episode para mapag handaan din each epi.
  • sana hwag naman to ang ibigay kay Joshua, pang leading man na po sya at hindi next Vhong Navarro:bop:charrott:rotflmao:
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    Review: Before the teleserye, here's the play version of Janus Silang
    Vladimir Bunoan, ABS-CBN News
    Posted at Feb 09 2017 07:31 PM | Updated as of Feb 09 2017 08:20 PM



    The young actors of Tanghalang Ateneo's 'Si Janus Silang at ang Tiyanak ng Tabon.' Handout photo

    MANILA – Tanghalang Ateneo gets first crack at bringing to life the young adult bestseller “Si Janus Silang at ang Tiyanak ng Tabon” ahead of the upcoming ABS-CBN series.

    Prolific young playwright Guelan Varela-Luarca adapted the first book in the series of Janus Silang books by Palanca winner Edgar Calabia Samar, while Tanghalang Ateneo alumnus Charles Yee directs the largely student cast, led by high school senior Earvin Estioco in the title role.
    Samar, who saw the play for the first time only last Saturday, admitted that his participation in the production was minimal. “’Di ko kaya maging hands-on,” he said, adding that he is still finishing the series.
    But he has always been impressed with the work of Varela-Luarca, whose work included translations of William Shakespeare’s “Comedy of Errors” for Dulaang UP and the upcoming “Eurydice” for Tanghalang Pilipino; as well as original one-act plays for Virgin Labfest. “Buo ang pagkakatiwala ko,” he declared.

    Samar admits that he doesn’t write plays. He also wasn’t thinking of how his story can translate to the stage when he was writing it. “Hindi ako sigurado kung paano siya ii-stage. Puwede pala,” he said.

    Indeed, the main reason to watch this campus production is to see how Yee and Varela-Luarca bring Samar’s fantastic story to life.

    Earvin Estioco in the title role with Cloie Hilomen as his love interest Mica. Handout photo

    “Si Janus Silang at ang Tiyanak ng Tabon” is about a teen in Balanga, Bataan who is one of the top players Tala Online, a video game set in a world populated by Filipino mythological creatures. But when five of his fellow gamers were found dead at their neighborhood internet café, Janus is “forced to confront the mystery of his bloodline and his destiny.”

    Tanghalang Ateneo’s artistic director, award-winning playwright Glenn Sevilla Mas, admits that the first book is basically just a setup for the adventure series, much like the Virgin Labfest version of “Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady,” which is also about an unlikely hero.
    But despite the cliffhanger ending, the stage version should satisfy Janus Silang fans with its rather faithful adaptation. Despite the book’s talky nature, the play hooks the audience as it zips through its 90-minute running time without intermission.

    While it didn’t quite match Natasha Ringor’s creepy imagery in the graphic novel, the company went to great lengths to create costumes of local creatures like the tikbalang and the tiyanak.

    Yet it is when Yee resorts to imaginative staging that the play truly takes wondrous flight. The thrilling Ondoy sequence, for instance, used the ensemble carrying umbrellas, effective lighting and sound design, and Jacob Whittaker’s animated narration. Ditto with the Janus’s bus trip to Manila to meet the mysterious Joey.

    The well-staged Ondoy scene. Handout photo

    Yee also made good use of set designer Gwyn Guanzon’s backdrop that resembles a giant computer board with hexagon-shaped screens used to flash the exchange of messages of the characters.
    The student actors were also put the great use since they gave the play an authentic youthful vibe that fits the overall tone of the story.

    This play is like a delicious appetizer for the TV series but one that can be also enjoyed on its own.

    “Si Janus Silang at ang Tiyanak ng Tabon” runs until February 25 at the Rizal Mini Theater, Ateneo de Manila University. Performances start at 7:30 p.m., while Saturday matinee shows start at 2:30 p.m.
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    Mythical creatures and online games: Janus Silang goes on stage
    Business World 15 Feb 2017
    Camille Anne M. Arcilla

    THE story of Janus Silang undoubtedly appeals to young audiences because of two things — the presence of mythical creatures and computer games.

    The best-selling book written by Palanca Edgar Calabia Samar — Si Janus Silang at ang Tiyanak ng Tábon — comes to life with Tanghalang Ateneo’s (TA) theatrical adaptation as part of its 38th season on Feb. 1-25 at the Rizal Mini Theater, Ateneo De Manila University in Quezon City.

    Si Janus Silang at ang Tiyanak ng Tábon is about an adolescent boy, Janus, whose world is turned upside down when characters from his favorite computer game and comic books appear and disrupt his life. He later discovers the mystery of his bloodline and his destiny. The book won the 2015 National Book Award for Novel in Filipino and the 2016 National Children’s Book Award for Best Read for Kids.
    Director and moderator Glenn Sevilla Mas told BusinessWorld the idea of translating the book into a play came when he finished the book on a ride back to Manila.
    “I texted Edgar jokingly, asking him if I can translate it into a play and we got his permission. I told him that we will really try our best that the adaptation will be faithful to the novel and it will also be good as a theatrical piece,” he said.

    The author participated in the production and TA often consultated with him to remain faithful to the story, said Mr. Mas. The play’s script was written by award-winning playwright Guelan Luarca.

    “We also considered the fans’ insights [into] the book. As long as the were okay with it, we are okay with it as well. There are a lot from the audience who are ardent fans — like a cult — who are real fanatics of the book,” he said.

    Casting was a bit of a challenge, said co- director Charles Yee. “When we were casting it, we selected some TA members but then we realized some [characters] were not well-suited for the students so we need to get professional actors and age-appropriate ones,” he said.

    Earvin Estioco, an Ateneo High School student, was cast in the title role, and Mr. Yee said they had confidence in the young actor.

    For the much younger role of Juno, Janus’s little brother who happens to be the tiyanak, they cast Ateneo grade schoolers Joachim Galves and Sam Tango.

    The play also stars Allan Forte, Bong Cabrera, JJ Ignacio, Diega Villanueva, Cloie Hilomen, John Sanchez, Jacob Whittaker, and Dr. Jerry Respeto, Fr. Rene Javellana, S. J., and Xander Soriano alternately play the role of the mysterious Bungisngis.
    And because of the play’s abrupt ending — the novel has a sequel — both directors are hoping there would also be a followup production on stage soon.

    “It will depend on the negotiation with Egay (Mr. Samar) and Adarna Publishing House ( the book’s publisher),” Mr. Mas said. He however hinted there is a television series in the works with ABS-CBN, directed by Topel Lee, which is in the process of casting.
    He said the play easily captures their young audience’s interest mainly because of the mythical element and online games it references.

    “We are targeting young adults to develop their appreciation of mythologies as well. On another point, they will also realize that there’s something to learn from online games,” Mr. Mas said.
    The remaining performances of Si Janus Silang at ang Tiyanak ng Tábon are on Feb. 15, 16, 18, and 21 to 25, at 7: 30 p. m., with Saturday matinees at 2: 30 p. m. For more information, contact Dean Silva at 0916-314-5475. —
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    Since may Good Son si Joshua so kanino na kaya ito ????
  • kyupaybkyupayb PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    etxetera wrote: »
    Since may Good Son si Joshua so kanino na kaya ito ????

    Janus del Prado. Hehe.
  • etxeteraetxetera PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    kyupayb wrote: »
    Janus del Prado. Hehe.

    Hahaha :rotfl:
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    What about Santino Rosales?

    Meet Jericho Rosales's heartthrob son Santino Rosales
    by Nikko Tuazon posted on August 20, 2017


    IMAGE @santino_rosales on Instagram
    Model-athlete Santino Rosales walked the runway at Ayala Style Origins: Emoticonic fashion show last Thursday, August 17.
    Santino Rosales, Jericho Rosales's son with former model Kai Palomares, is slowly but surely making his own name, not in the showbiz industry but in the world of fashion and modelling.

    The 17-year-old model/student, along with the country's fresh batch of models Marco Suarez, Tricia Santos, Shermaine de Ramos, recently walked the runway at Ayala Style Origins: Emoticonic fashion show.

    Here's what PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) learned about the Kapamilya star's heartthrob son.

    1. He stands at 6'1, and is one of the newest members of Professional Models Association in the Philippines (PMAP).

    Santino told PEP in an interview held on August 17, "This year, I joined PMAP which is Professional Models Association in the Philippines, and I'm doing shows currently.

    "Right now, I'm doing the series for Style Origins."


    IMAGE @santino_rosales on Instagram

    2. His mother, former model Kai Palomares, inspired him to join the modelling industry.

    Santino narrated, "People know my dad as someone from showbiz, but what they don't know is my mom was also a model before.

    "And that's why I got influenced to be a model because through her ways, she showed me how it's very presentable, how it's very classy. It just appealed to me and it clicked to me right away."


    IMAGE @kai_pal on Instagram

    3. Santino has a regular bond sesh with his father and wife Kim Jones.

    The teen model said about Jericho, "He's pretty good, he's alright. We get together every weekend, we try."


    IMAGE @kai_pal on Instagram

    4. He's not keen on joining showbiz.

    Santino explained, "I've seen the way the industry is, and I've seen the way it gets to you and it doesn't really appeal to me. I'd rather stay outside the limelight and also because of competition.

    "People will start comparing me with my dad like what happens with other people, and I don't want that.

    "I'd rather build myself as my own image, not as someone's son."


    IMAGE @santino_rosales on Instagram

    5. Still, he's still grateful for the opportunities that have been coming his way, and notes the importance of humility.

    Santino said, "It's fine, I use it to my advantage in the sense of opportunities because I understand that not everybody has the same opportunities that I have.

    "But then, you also have to remember that you have to keep you head down and be humble. I'm grateful for it, I'm grateful that my parents are very supportive of me, my mom and my dad."


    IMAGE @kai_pal on Instagram

    6. He's a graduating senior high school student. He's currently studying at Collegio de San Agustin.


    IMAGE @santino_rosales on Instagram

    7. Santino is also an athlete. He plays football for two teams: his school's football varsity team and Kaya Futball Club, a professional association football club based in Makati City.

    He told PEP, "I play football, I play for my school team and then I also play for a club called Kaya FC. I'm in the under 17 team."

    IMAGE @santino_rosales on Instagram

    Read more at http://www.pep.ph/lifestyle/fashion/35947/meet-jericho-rosaless-heartthrobson-santino-rosales#3FZ9S5WwwrzxW1eG.99
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    Grae Fernandez
  • etxeteraetxetera PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Mas may charsima si Grae like his father than I?igo and Santino si Diet ano itsura ng anak?
  • Hindi ba kay Yong ibibigay ito?

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    Just heard it will be JoshLia who will be headlining this project. :love:
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    Walang pag-asa push si Grae di pa network fave :glee:
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