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holding hands kahit di pa kayo, ok lang???

ok lang ba ang holding hands kahit di pa officially "kayo"??? ;););)


  • sus, yun lang naman e.... eto tanong??? bakit masagwa tingnan yung 2 guy na magka-hh?? :D

    saka di ka naman mabubuntis agad ng ganoon lang....
  • For me, pag-hold mo kamay nung girl, it means secured siya sa kin. Though, parang minsan taking advantage ang iniisip ng iba.
  • h.s. students lang ang nag-aakalang pag nagholding hands e ok na...

    hey, grow up...
  • Yun lang pala.. ok lang yan noh...
  • rains_delightrains_delight PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    hello? okey lang iyon ano. holding hands lang pala.
  • ok lang yun.... holding hands lang naman eh.. :D
  • :spinstar: it's perfectly fine. it's just holding hands! you don't have to be in a relationship with someone just so you two could hold hands. this gesture may mean other things, and not just being *boyfriend-girlfriend*. :spinstar:
  • as for me its ok lang.... holding hands lang naman eh.. kahit akbay pa eh.. as long as i dont have bf yet! pero pag meron na syemps nde na pwede yun.. kc baka iba maisip ng bf ko syempre dba? baka isipin nyang flirt akong tao.. syemps sakit nun kc nde naman 22o right? so pag taken na .... avoid holding hands and akbays w/ sum1 kahit friend mo pah.. unless he knows hu is that person ur holding to.. yun lang :D
  • tin28tin28 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    okay lang, hawakan lang naman yung kamay e, its not as if maglalampungan na sila....
  • it doesn't matter if u guys are holding hands.. i dnt find it wrong.. though some people might find it improper.. but for me... it's okei.. :cool:
  • Originally posted by krishna18
    ok lang ba ang holding hands kahit di pa officially "kayo"??? ;););)

    sure! why not?

    bestfriend kong babae niyayakap ko pa...
  • paano kung nag kiss na kayo, does it mean kayo na?
  • Ya, I think it's just OK. If you want to show your affection without rushing into a relationship, then holding hands is the safest and most unattached way. :)
  • duh.

    :rolleyes: : :devious: :wiseguy:
  • wha! hahahahhaha! ok na ok maghold hands kahit ndi pa para pag kayo na iba
    hehhee mas ok!hehehhehe
  • In a world full of people who kiss and have sex even if they're not boyfriend-girlfriend, holding hands is damn fine.
  • Liberatedness is everywhere nowadays. Holding hands is fine and safe. i dont know but i know some people that hold other body parts of other people which aren't their bf/gf, aside from the hands.

    i sometimes hold the hands of my guy friends when i cross the street.

  • 50/50 kasi bka mamisinterpret ng iba at nng girl na rin na iniimply mo na kayo na..when in fact,hindi pa...it'll result most probably in misunderstandings....:shrug:
    but kung hindi lang kasing conservative ang society natin today eh ang cool sana tignan yun :rolleyes:
  • ok lang yun... as long u know ur limitations and u know na friends kau... ang mahirap minsa na mi2sinterpret ung gesture na yun...
  • Okay lang siguro. Pero you know kung pumayag ang girl na makipagholdinghands without feeling uncomfortable ok ka na. For me, it means type ka rin niya.
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