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[GAME] how about a BUHAY PINOY game??? laro tayo!!!

crybabymakicrybabymaki PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
here are the rules:

one pexer gets to post two things which he wants the next pexer to chose from. the next pexer has to chose which one he favors among the two, and makes a new batch for the next pexer to chose from again. (labo ba, look at the sample :teehee: )

you can mention anything and everything that fancies us pinoys!!!


pexer 1: nike or reebok

pexer 2: nike. next: harry potter or lord of the rings

pexer 3: harry potter. next: jollibee or mcdonalds

pexer 4. mcdonalds (then pexer four gives another batch to chose from....and so forth)

ayan, game na!!! k, ill start. :bounce:

abs-cbn or gma



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