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Shipping container house or office. Would it be better?

I'm planning on having an office constructed, contractors usually quote 15-20k per sqm. I was planning on constructing a 42sqm office with 3 bathrooms, 1 for employee and 2 for the public since it's a gas station office. Now with 15k x 42 that would equal 630,000. But with the shipping container (2) 40ft would equal to 56sqm and would cost roughly 160k for the two without the delivery, repairs and renovations. I think the shipping container office would be more cost effective but I'm open to suggestions and opinions. Can someone with knowledge on cargotecture enlighten me please and if someone has cheaper container vans with cheap shipping pleas give me a message. Thank you!


  • BeerhandBopBeerhandBop PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    it's not very cost effective.

    1.) shipping containers are usually dented as hell pag binenta na yan. aayusin mo pa ang mga dents, and for sure butas butas na din yan.

    yung labor cost mo to fix all those problem is gonna be expensive din.

    2.) you mentioned plumbing. if you're gonna make the office from hollow blocks, malalagay mo pa sa loob ng pader yung mga tubo and electrical wirings.

    3.) wala namang foundation yung container, maghuhukay ka din for foundation. might as well just go ahead with hollow blocks.
  • Hollow blocks are not as strong as the container's corten steel, kaya nila mawithstand ang bagyo at earthquake. May classifications naman yung containers. Class C may butas at mga kalawang na, Class B parang manageable yung damage and walang butas tapos Class A near to brand new. Nagoffer sila inspection and choice ng unit na gusto mo. Yung plumbing naman pwede isama sa interior cladding kasama ng mga insulation yung mga pipes and wire. As for the foundation I read that kahit Pier foundation lang okay na. Sobrang cheap ng Pier foundation pero kailangan solid ground yung tatayuan mo. I did my research pero it's still good to hear from someone who experienced it firsthand.
  • GenerLunaGenerLuna PEx Rookie ⭐
    Hindi mag lalast ng matagal ang container...in the 1st place kaya binenta eh kalawang na...yes easy sya to assemble but chb ang mas mainam.
  • Yes. Kasama sa costing yung repair and renovation nung container pagkatapos repair, interior and exterior cladding na kaya may extra layer of protection. Di na bakal yung haharap sa outside elements kundi yung cover mo, for example sakin wood sana plan ko pero before lagyan, ayusin muna container and rust proof. Kasi kung iispin mo 56sqm interior ng (2) 40ft HC Container kung ang cost niya overall repair and renovation is mga 630k din edi may bonus kang 14sqm. Pero I think mas better talaga to hear from someone na may container home or office. Pero ang advantage kasi ng building is customizable siya talaga and pwede planohin na may nakaready pa kung dadagdag ng another floor or extensions.
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