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How to increase chances for admission to UST-FMS?

I am a 3rd year Male medtech student and my predicted GWA by the end of my premed course would be something between 2.1 to 2.2 (Of course, I'm working on getting it higher with my last three semesters :) ) I'll probably be taking the October NMAT this year and I will try to get a high percentile rank by spending my whole summer reviewing and planning for the test.

First problem is that I am not roman catholic. I'm a baptist (I guess some would categorize it under the protestants). I'm really worried about the things I hear about FMS not considering non-catholic applicants. I've even heard some say that the biggest factor that the school looks at is the applicant's religion :(

Secondly, I don't have any participation in extracurricular activities. Also, I will not have a professional license to present by the time I apply as I will not have taken the MLS board exam yet :(

I know that only 25% of the population is given to non-UST graduates and aside from that, only 30% is allowed for non-catholics (So yung chance ko po ba eh 25% of the 30% or 30% of the 25%? Hahaha :( )
I really want to study medicine at UST but I'm afraid that my chances are very low. I read on their website that they don't give their entrance examinations anymore and I don't recall reading something about interviews being given. Is there anyway I can somehow increase my chance of getting admitted?


  • IMO, you should still apply at UST-FMS and do something what you can control like grades, NMAT scores etc. and hopefully you could get into the Faculty, but you should have options regarding medical schools that you want to get into. I dont want to give you false hope regarding admission since di naman ako kasama sa admissions committee ng FMS. Goodluck!
  • Were you accepted? Kahit non catholic ka?
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