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Philippine Musicians And Band Wanted

Hello Philippines,

we are a new music label based in Malahide, Ireland and currently looking for talented musicians or bands who have some good recordings of their music already.

First of all - WE DONT WANT ANY CASH !!!

We know exactly there are thousands of very good musicians in the Philippines and we would like to give those a chance who finally want to distribute their music. For us its not all about only money, but to help artists !!!

To my person - I am a musician myself since 40 years and went to the Philippines since 1995 almost every year. And yes, I also married over there !

During my music career my dream always was to catch a record deal. But the good times, even though they were tough as well, are over since a long time.

Digital Distribution is the current market !

Now, we have the possibility to offer you 5 songs for FREE digital distribution to more than 120 Music Online stores and Download streams FOR FREE. :rotflmao:

Of course you would get your Royalties from your sales (in general 80 to 95% for the artist/band).

Your music would be distributed to Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Deezer and many more portals. You set your price of your tracks and you would receive a NON - EXCLUSIVE contract for one year. In case you dont know about that, its a non binding contract with no obligations. Means, you still can sell your songs around the globe and you would keep your song rights to 100%.

You can offer me 5 songs for absolutely FREE !

Please get in touch with me to get more information about the process !

Alternative No 2 is, we are able to get your songs produced on a physical CD and you would get a copy of the CD in a jewel case for only 6.99 USD. This CD, when purchased would appear on Amazon as well, but no other stores.

You would get a contract with 80% Royalties for you.

Wanna sign up with us for one year, then please get in touch with us today.

Salamat :)

Best regards
Berny (CEO) Z CAR M Records
Website: http://www.zcarmrecords.com
Email: [email protected]
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