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muro ami review

vertigovertigo Lasalista! PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
well, i've finally seen the movie dubbed as the most awaited film of the year, and is currently the topgrosser of this year's festival...and all i can say is that it's not worth the wait, and yes, gs2000, jimenez and his company sucked a lot of money from the people's pockets.
ok let me give u my observations about the film starting with the positive ones, first, the technical aspect is outstanding, the cinematography gives us a wonderful view of the undersea world, all the natural resources and everything. the musical scoring was also great, it's like a hollywood film. but as what the inquirer review said it can't hide the obvious fact that the movie is nothing but hype.
it has no focus, i thought at first that it was going to tell something about the muro-amis, about the destruction of the environment and child exploitation. in fairness to the director, it did but only on the initial parts. midway in the film, it lost its focus and centered on the life of the maestro played by Montano. The movie should have been entitled maestro instead of muro-ami since almost every scene involves the guy.
too bad, and i thought we had one of the greatest film in recent years, hindi pala. magaling lang mambola ang mga producers!
other observations:
1. jhong hilario's character has not been given enough introduction
2. what is the big deal about one of the muro ami's turning out to be a girl. so what? i know the writers had a reason but it was not explained in the movie. the film could have done without this sequence
3. the strength of the maestro is unbelievable, he must have been a god or something. one minute cesar's acting as if he is on the verge of death and suddenly he was able to free himself from the tangles and climb back the boat and engage in a confrontation with his adversary, Unbelievable!
4. so what happened when they taught they lost their way? the next thing we know they are again up on their feet.
5. sobrang drastic ng change ng character ni cesar. one minute he is a monster, the next time he is an angel.
6. well, wala na akong masabi kung hindi walang kuwenta ang pelikula!
pahabol, sa mga awards,
i don't want to take the credit away from rebecca, the best child actor, pero her role did not really have its highlights more than the other muro-amis, so why only her?
again, the film is never a gauge of a quality filipino movie, although i must say the material is very original.


  • uptowngirluptowngirl Moderator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    vertigo: i see what you mean, but the thing is if we keep on taking apart a movie, in other words, making gutay-gutay ..wala ng matitira... It goes for all movies... minsan stop judging too much, just sit back, relax, and enjoy. Lahat naman ng movies may butas and Muro-Ami if not perfect, is the only movie in the film fest that aroused social conscience and showed something real, not just your usual pakyutee movie. I'm not a Muro-Ami fanatic, its just that it was film that meant well. ;)
  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    I haven't watched it yet but I heard it was a very long movie. How many hours is it anyway?

    As for the criticism, I think that feedback (positive or negative) can actually go a long way towards helping moviemakers improve on their product. Let's make our criticism constructive so we can continue to help improve our Phil Movie Industry.
  • bLaCkbLaCk Member PExer
    actually, mga 2 hours lang naman yung flick...

    what can i say? jhong hilario's acting was pretty good... also pen medina's... amy austria's portrayal of a slut is bagay for her looks... cesar montano is... predictable... the kids were... ok... the whole movie is... okay... mga out of ten, i'm giving it an 8...

    i don't think there's much of a storyline nga lang..
    i mean... they fish... and then what? they fight because of betrayal... and then they die... then what?
  • FrayFray Member PExer
    i'm surely gonna watch it no matter what the review maybe.
  • wolverinewolverine Ang pagbabalik. PExer
    muro-ami is a good tagalog movie... but it's not a great film. the underwater scenes were mediocre... i was expecting to see "discovery channel" type of scenes with sharks and other exotic sea creatures interacting with the actors. maybe i was expecting too much. i was hoping to see grander shots of the big sea and their ship. some scenes were supposed to be taken in the middle of an ocean... bakit mahina ang waves?... tapos ganon lang kadaling abutin yung ilalim ng dagat? siguro nasa 20 to 30 feet lang ang lalim nung underwater scenes nila.

    okay na sana yung casting kaso sayang ang acting skills ng mga artista. yung characters nina jhong hilario at cesar montano lang yung nabigyan ng pansin. but everybody, including the children acted well.

    but even the story failed to impress me. the movie failed to come up with a good climax... na wala sa "muro-ami" ang story. nawal ang focus sa mga bata.

    gma films tried to come up with a good movie... kaya lang next time sana wag na silang magbuhat ng sariling banko. hintayin na lang nilang purihin yung gawa nila.

  • wolverinewolverine Ang pagbabalik. PExer
    sayang yung muro-ami. it was a very ambitious follow-up project from the creators of rizal: the movie. with a beautiful location, i was expecting to see grand executions and breath-taking shots of the seas. even the underwater shots were disappointing. it falied to show the beauty of the underwater world and the mysterious creatures of the deep. pang-snorkling lang ang mga kuha nila.

    what it lacked was a better and a more intact script. the film lost its focus on the children of muro-ami as the movie came to its climax. the movie was not really a film about muro-ami... it was a movie about the characters played by cesar montano and jhong hilario. in fairness, all the actors came up with good performances.

    gma films failed to impress me with this film. it was a good movie... for a tagalog movie. but it is not a great movie. sobra ang publicity nila. if only they kept a low-profile attitude on its promotions, baka di pa ako na-disappoint. baka na-appreciate ko pa yung movie.

    kaya kung ako ang gma films, di na ako magbubuhat ng sariling bangko. hintayin na lang nila na iba ang pumuri sa gawa nila.

    on the scale of one to ten... i'd give this movie a score of 7.

  • dondon es muy guapo, ese! PExer
    The skinny: It was good for a recent Filipino film, but far from being an ideal one.

    Mukhang pinagyabang lang nila yung underwater camera nila, kinda like building a plot around their cinematography. Purely eye candy. Not much of a plot, the conflict was shallow, the theme was not real clear. And it took too damn long. Dapat pala yung Agimat na lang yung pinanood ko.
  • bLaCkbLaCk Member PExer
    isa pa, the way they died was nakakainis..
    and buti sana kung naka uwi yung mga muro ami
    kaso nde eh... don parin cla sa deserted? island...
  • YoshiYoshi Member PExer
    Argh! Yun na? Yun na yung pinagmamalaki ng GMA Films? Please, spare me!

    I just watched the movie yesterday, and all I could say is that it's all hype. True, the movie was great production-wise, but story and all, hindi na.

    I don't think I'm that profound, but I can't seem to get what the movie wants to say at the end of the film. It's too cheesy to be believable. Characterization was not well done, and acting was kinda raw, not to mention the kinda annoying accent the supporting cast was talking in.

    It's not that great for a Diaz-Abaya film, and I don't think it will get awards (aside from technicals) from bigger award giving bodies. Siguro, there's just something to boat disaster films (like Titanic) that I don't like.
  • it was a long movie, for me it seems like ang tagal nya sobra, the movie was like 2 hours and 20 was a dragging movie, at first parang interesting pa e but then as the movie progresses, it gets boring na but the cinematography's really great...ganda ng underwater scenes...i agree with black, wala mashadong storyline...and yah the way they died, mala-titanic...wenk tlaga! hay, for me i would rate it a 7 siguro...
  • grafanaticgrafanatic Registered User PExer
    watching muro ami is like watching a docu feature in discovery channel or national geographic..only there are actors and it's quite long...but it really least in discovery and national geographic there are no pretense.. no over-bloated publicity and no boasting producer....paging mr. butch jimenez..wake-up!
  • dingdongdingdingdongding edsa dos palpak PExer
    maganda ang muro ami. napanood ko ito sa isang scene sa pendro penduko part II. magaling ang effects at editing. maayos din ang acting ni cesar montano.

    hands up tayo dito mga brader.
  • ben_singkol25ben_singkol25 Member PExer
    they should have opted for the original story and not succumbed to the caprichos of cesar montano. the original story was supposed to focus on the kids pero cesar asked the writers to rewrite the script and give his role much weight. nagsuffer 2loy yung movie. one of the worst filipino films that i've seen and muro ami. bad story. copycat directions. nice cinematography though.

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