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MTV, MCM, [V]: which is the best??

Which is the best Music television channel???


  • for me its channel v, kaya nga super inis ko when sky removed it from their channel line up...mas updated yung videos, i get to see the new ones agad...i love the billboard countdown...pero ok na ren mtv...
  • Para sa akin MTV parin!
    I like!
  • I hardly watch MTV coz of those annoying boy bands and girly pop stars. I am beginning to like MCM coz of the britpop videos and the likes.
  • It should be [V] or MCM. MTV shouldn't be included, sobrang baduy na ang playlist nila.

    Channel V is still the best. MGM is OK, especially if you're a club music fan.
  • All of the above! :)
  • Hey, let's get some things straight:
    MTV's pretty good. It's MTVAsia that SUCKS!
    so if we're choosing from among MTVAsia, MCM, or [V], it'll have to be MCM for me. mainly because they show uncut versions of music videos. and those french rappers...YUM.
  • i love mtv and channel v. nainis din ako when skycable put out channel v. meron na ngayon dito sa cebu kaya lang channel v asia hindi international. puro chingkwakwa ang naririnig kung kanta. (what i mean is puro chinese ang mapapanood mo, ang labo talaga ng sky). i hope they'll bring back channel v international this new millennium.
  • MTV is the best.. pero not MTV Asia...
    Channel V.. mga rare videos, dun ko 1st nakikita...
    MCM puro test broadcast and Euro music pero galing kse sooper rare tlga
  • People, sa States, MTV isn't even the hot music channel anymore, it's their sister station VH1. Mas hip, mas classy, at mas may music. ang MTV ngayon sa states, puro sho na gaya ng "The Real World", "Fanatic", "The Carson Daly Show", etc. VH1 has surpassed MTV (sa States sa pagka-cool). Pero dito sa atin, MTV pa rin, may Sonia Couling eh!!!
  • MTV is pretty good, I don't see what's so baduy about it. The problem with MTV is that they're too biased with indonesian and philippine singers. Example, MTV Campus caters only to the Indonesian colleges. The same with MTV Land, which plays more Indonesian songs, and Indonesian shows have better time slots. So we, being Filipinos, clamor for more exposure, we were given MTV Dyis and MTV Talk, the latter, which is supposed to be a talk show, only caters to Pinoy. So Pinoy artists and Indonesian artists get advertised all the time in commercials and regular MTV programs like Non Stop Hits and Hanging Out.

    MCM is ok,I guess. They show rare videos and lots of club music too. BTW, they brought back Channel V in Sky Cable. They replaced MC2. I personally like Channel V better because the vjs are more knowledgeable in their music, and they show rare videos.
  • you "don't see what's so baduy about it"?
    can you say boybands and bubble gum pop?
    and in the States, VH1 isn't 'cooler' than MTV. in the 1st place, they cater to different viewers. VH1's target audience is a bit older and more mature. the difference is clearly manifested in their respective music video awards ceremonies, and programs.
  • terje, if you're arguing about music programming per se, then it's pretty clear that VH1 has that. Like The Rock said earlier, MTV just concentrated too much on their talk shows and reality-based shows that they've tended to neglect their basic tenet of presenting music videos. VH1, with shows like Ladies First, Pop-Up Video, etc. Continually showcase music videos from the past and present times. Something which MTV in the U.S. has been lacking recently.
  • well i havent seen VH1 yet so i cant judge on that.. but as for [V], MCM, and MTV, i really dont care much who's better. just as long as i see the videos i wanna see and hear what i wanna hear, it wouldnt matter where i'd get it from. but i will complain that mtv is getting more baduy everyday.. (boy how i wish nadya was still there... *sigh*)
  • channel [V] ==>; more new videos
    mtv asia sucks... pangit na yung playlist nila e.
  • Channel [V] has more new videos and the videos come out earlier there (much like 99.5 RT sa radio, parating una). MCM has European ones and other video versions, but MTV pa rin ang pinapanood ko. I think it's because of the format of the shows.
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