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Unlimited Smart LTE / 4G Internet Business Line (Unlimited Data) Improved!

There is no contract (1-2 years) like other ISP/s imposed or implemented or lock-in period. The good or the best thing for Metro Manila and Bulacan subscriber no more 1 month advance deposit or security deposit, it means your payment will simply be monthly basis This will make availing easier for you (for Metro Manila and Bulacan subscribers), but outside Metro Manila or Bulacan or provinces outside Metro Manila or Bulacan the 1 month advance deposit or security will be impose or implement.

Great day Sir/Madam I got a good news and nice update for you starting from now the Unlimited Smart LTE Internet Business Line has no more 1 month deposit or security deposit just only 1 month advance or service fee for Metro Manila and Bulacan subscribers, be a part now and liven again your enthusiasm to avail. Now there is no more limitation for you to avail this unlimited LTE Internet waiting for your inquiry and it is my greatest pleasure to serve you! The other good thing we accept payment by wired transfer such as: Western Union, Palawan Express, Cebuana Lhulier, ML Lhulier, etc. But for your security I strongly encouraged or advised stick to bank transfer or bank deposit.

This is how it works for Metro Manila (NCR) and Bulacan subscribers there is no need for additional 1 month deposit (security) rather the payment is monthly basis. For subscribers outside Metro Manila except Bulacan there is a payment method of: 1 month advance (service fee) and 1 month deposit (security fee) plus the shipping fee. For subscribers outside Metro Manila and not in Bulacan if you want to the item ship to you it is additional shipping fee. If you pay by bank deposit or bank transfer OK but if you pay by wired transfer if there is a minimal service charge it will be an additional to pay. You are greatly welcome to the page and it is my greatest pleasure!

Compatible with your Pocket Wifi, there is after support service after purchasing the Unlimited Smart LTE Sim, we advise and support how to improve or enhance your LTE/4G Internet experience!

Please like my Facebook page --> https://www.facebook.com/unlimitedsmartlte/. I rest assured you 100% that the wireless Internet Service that we offer got no or had no data capping!

The success of our LTE/4G Internet service we set up or reset daily the data allocation which produce huge or big data allocation every which allows you to use the Internet and download 24 hours/day in a month not like others which only give one huge or big data allocation good for several days usage. Honestly, 100% we make the process much easier than others for subscribers or clients to be. If you are heavy Internet user you can use it for personal or business related purposes (Internet related or non-Internet related).

Rush to avail or have one now because there will come a time or day or soon it will be limited or few slots left. And it will be gone or it will not be any more available one day. So hurry or avail it now while it is there!

Note: We got several satisfied clients in the different parts of the Philippines. If you are heavy Internet user or planning to use for your business or Internet business you are on the right track to go!

The service that we offer is much reliable, steady and faster than Smart LTE Pocket Wifi the advertisement or commercial on TV with NBA basketball star Jordan Clarkson. We have the answers for your Internet experience, entertainment, leisure, business needs, etc!!! For further info/details just please contact my mobile number.

Avail or have this service while it is hot!!!

Other Information/Details

***Selling: Unlimited Smart LTE Internet (post paid) SIM CARD

(Used for Unlimited Internet use, no daily limit, no weekly limit, no monthly limit).

What you need?

Smart Phone, LTE phones will work better. Connect other gadgets with hotspot
Use a router and connect up to ten gadgets (better to use a Router).

Capability: Unlimited Internet surfing and download. Download 24 hours of movies and videos. Watch your favorite sports online and more..... NO Limit at all.

Please note: it will work in areas with Smart, if you are located in an area with no Smart reception, it may not work. For only Internet use, no outgoing calls, no texts.This internet service can be used in your personal home, office, call-center, IT office or workshop, and practically anywhere in the Philippines. (As long as Smart service is available). Even in your car, it's available

1. Post paid and prepaid?
Service and coverage areas are limited between postpaid and prepaid. But Smart does provide a more reliable service and steady service to PostPaid users than prepaid users.

2. Internet service speed?
Speed is from 21~43 Mbps, may vary in some coverage areas.

3. Memory?
Smart LTE postpaid service is unlimited. So you can download your favorite movies, TV shows, plenty of videos and more.

4. Current price?
Smart LTE (3000 pesos) offers LTE service.

5. What you will need?
Smart LTE Postpaid SIM Card.

6. Monthly payment: NO Contracts
3000 pesos per month for Unlimited LTE Internet service.
NO registration fee.
NO installation fee.

7. Payment method:
Wire transfer to our Union Bank (if you are in Makati Avenue., Polaris or Ayala, cash payment will be accepted).
8. Payment due date:
15th of every month.

9. Registration requirements:

10. Deposit required?
For Metro Manila and Bulacan to be subscribers no need but for subscribers outside Metro Manila except Bulacan and other provinces deposit is required.

11. Other purchase:
We are currently selling the Internet router and the antennae. This will enhance and provide stronger LTE Internet services, if needed and if Smart coverages are limited. And you can also have LTE Internet service in your car and on the road with a purchase of a car inverter.
* please contact me for the price of the router and car inverter

12: Other service:
- WIFI service and you can connect up to 10 users at once.
- LTE Internet service in your car.

14: Other information:
Download many dramas, videos, movies by the hours and everyday.

15. How will it be used?
The LTE Sim Card can be used with a Router or with any Smartphone / Iphone / or Tablet (it must have a sim slot).
Point of contact: Ricky Chidu.

Meeting point or delivery by 2GO (door to door service) or available by shipping LBC, etc. Meetup in Makati Ave., Polaris or Ayala.

Contact number :
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