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is tweety male or female? please help

i was just so surprised by my 5yr old cousin's question about tweety's gender. Funny but i wasn't able to answer. i've always associated tweety with girls though. tama ba?


  • And I thought Tweety was a male. Go figure. :D Maybe it's actually androgynous.
  • Yes, Tweety is a male! surprised? He was born into cartoon existence as Orson, a small bird with an enormous head! It was in this cartoon that he coined the phrase "I tawt i taw a puddy-tat!!!"

  • hahaha lol sa inyong lahat...
    associated to the gender and expression daw ba?
    pero yep, tweety's a guy!!!
  • Aaaahhh.. oo nga noh! Diba dati there was this thing also about tweety being naked? So tweety IS a guy eh.. hmmm... kawawa naman si Winnie the Pooh. Tsk tsk tsk.
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    If you thought Tweety's gender is disturbing, wait till you see Teletubbies' Tinky-Winky! He's an out and out bading! His favorite thing is his Grandma's handbag. That show should be categorized as parental guidance. :)
  • Tinky Winky...? The name itself bodes questions to its gender na, LOL. Coupled with its fondness to its grandma's handbag, baka naman girl siya? I really wouldn't know, because I don't watch Teletubbies at all. It ranks way up there with Barney as reasons why I should turn off my TV. Do clarify! :)
  • hay.. bout Winnie the Pooh... bading daw yon??

    kse sabi nila naka hanging shirt daw tapos the way he smiles.... parang... ah ewan...
  • people can really be mean with their observations sometimes. So winnie the pooh is now mareng winnie? tapos remember the funny chismis about ernie and bert. Si ernie raw died because of aids.
  • si Tweety naman? guy siguro yan...
  • Yup, tweety is a guy. In fact, he has this love interests who looks exactly like him, but pink in color (i forgot the name). But Tweety is definitely a male.
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    hehehe!!! para maiba lang
  • lalaki si tweety at hindi siya bading...
  • male
  • male yta sya..

    Born on November 21, 1942 under Bob Clampett's pencils, Tweety was based on a nude photo of Clampett taken as a baby, about which he had mixed feelings. Tweety was pink at first and his original name was Orson, judging from an early model sheet. After his debute in "A Tale of Two Kitties" the censors complained about Tweety's color, stating that the bird was naked because he looked like he had no feathers. As a result, Tweety was changed to a decent yellow color, more birdie-like. It's funny when you think that nobody complained about Porky, he was pink too and more human-like, wearing a shirt at all times and showing his butt by wearing no pants. The character's official name appears for the first time in the credits for "Birdy and the Beast".

    At the begginning of their carreers, Tweety and Sylvester starred solo on their own cartoons, Sylvester was chasing birds and sometimes mice under Friz Freleng's own style and direction, and Tweety getting chased by all kinds of dumb alley cats, independently directed by Bob Clampett.

    Tweety's voice was done all along by Mel Blanc, a man of a thousand voices. He recorded a hit song "I Tawt I Taw a Puddy-Tat" (words and music by Alan Livingston, Billy May and Warren Foster) in 1950.

    There have been some confusion over Tweety's real name. Some people call him Tweety Pie, some just Tweety. The most accurate choice would probably be plain "Tweety" which is how it appears in his cartoons' credits. See, for example "A Pizza Tweety Pie" (the cartoon's title), it reads on the opening credits: 'Tweety in A Pizza Tweety Pie'.

    Another question that Tweety fans often ask is if Tweety is a boy or a girl. In his cartoon "Foul Weather" (1953) Spike grabs Sylvester by the neck and screams "Where is the boy?" referring to Tweety. In "Bad Ol' Puddy Tat" (1949), Sylvester uses his finger painted as a female bird to lure him; and Warner Brothers always refers to Tweety as him, not her.
  • Of course Tweety's a guy. He always thinks he saw a pussycat. :evil:
  • GIRL po ata sya
  • Originally posted by ramgols
    Of course Tweety's a guy. He always thinks he saw a pussycat. :evil:

    nice hirit pare!:D
  • Of course, he's a guy. He's got a BIRD! :up:
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    Bakla yan....takot sa pussycat...:glee: tapos hilig pa magsuot ng kulay dilaw.....:glee::rotflmao:
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