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The Bb. Pilipinas 2017 Pageant Thread



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    Candidate no. 32 Charmaine Elima


    Candidate no. 37 Sammie Anne Legaspi


    Fashion designer Jeffrey Rogador with Binibining Pilipinas 2017 candidates in his creations.
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    By Jojo Gabinete
    March 24, 2017


    Disqualified sa 2017 edition ng Bb. Pilipinas ang flight attendant na si Mae Lanie Chan, ang candidate No. 36 ng beauty pageant na magaganap ang coronation night sa April 30.

    Ang disqualification ni Chan ang dahilan kaya 39 at hindi 40 ang bilang ng official candidates sa press presentation ng Bb. Pilipinas sa Novotel noong Miyerkules.

    Tumanggi ang Bb. Pilipinas Charities Inc. na sabihin ang pangalan ng kandidata na nawala sa official list pero mabilis na natukoy ng pageant observers na si Chan ang disqualified contestant.

    Walang mga komento tungkol sa disqualification ni Chan nang silipin namin ang Facebook account niya, pero nag-post siya ng kanyang sexy photo.
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    Once a Binibini, always a Binibini
    By Celso de Guzman Caparas (The Philippine Star) | Updated March 25, 2017


    MANILA, Philippines - Without meaning nor intending to, former Binibinis get a lion’s share of the spotlight when they grace a Binibini event such as the press presentation of the 39 aspirants for six titles at stake in the 2017 Bb. Pilipinas search with the grand coronation on April 30 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

    From left: Simonette delos Reyes-Ferraren (1970, Universe); Maricarl Tolosa (2001, Int’l.); Vida Doria-Legaspi (1971, Universe); Cita Avecilla-Roman (1970, Young Int’l.); Dang Cecilio-Palanca (1979, Universe); Sharon Hughes-Bediones (1982, Young Int’l.); Pia Wurtzbach (2015 Miss Universe); BPCI chair Stella Marquez-Araneta; Jenette Fernando-Dizon (1993, Tourism); Chiqui Brosas-Hahn (1975, Universe); Izza Gonzales-Agana (1985, Maja); Evelyn Camus-Alcantara (1971, Int’l.); Gladys Dueñas (1995, Int’l.); and Joyce Burton-Titular (1985, Universe).

    Also present but not in photo were: Mafae Yunon-Belasco (2003, World); Venus Raj (2010, Universe); Elaine Kay Moll (2012, Supranational); Ariella Arida (2013, Universe); MJ Lastimosa (2014, Universe); Bianca Guidotti (2014, Int’l.); Kris Tifanny Janson (2014, Intercontinental); and Christi McGarry (2015, Intercontinental).

    Does the article title mean to include Maria Isabel Lopez (1982, Universe) :wondering:
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  • Dahu bet niyo mga bakla?
  • Parang wit ko bet ang mga KF girls dizz year.

    1-10 Surprised sa freshness ni Calingo pero di siya matangkad at konti pa para gumanda. Jehza Huelar!
    11-20 Sirene Sutton at Mariel de Leon!
    21-30 Dindi Pajares! Maganda sana si Ruffa Nava peru (lima, peru) wit impressive sa interview si ateng.
    31-40 Mej disappointed kay Katarina Rodriguez. Charmaine Elima at Gabriela Ortega!
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    Bb Pilipinas 2017: Talent competition standouts
    From singing and dancing to martial arts, here's a review of the performances in this year's Bb Pilipinas talent competition

    Voltaire E. Tayag
    Published 10:15 PM, April 12, 2017
    Updated 9:41 AM, April 13, 2017

    The 40 beautiful candidates of the Binibining Pilipinas 2017 pageant wowed the crowd during the JAG Denim Fashion Show at the Ali Mall last Saturday, April 8. The candidates turned up the heat in their sexy JAG outfits and Jojo Bragais nude platform heels. They also introduced themselves as if it were already coronation night, much to the excitement of their fans.

    Some of the candidates who received the loudest cheers were #1 Dane Felisse Marasigan, #2 Arienne Calingo, #10 Jehza Huelar, #12 Angelique de Leon, #13 Sirene Sutton, #15 Maria Angelica de Leon, #19 Rachel Peters, #22 Chanel Olive Thomas, #24 Dindi Pajares, #25 Clarice Villareal, #31 Katarina Rodriguez, and #32 Charmaine Elima. As soon as all the ladies were introduced, the program immediately went into the talent competition.

    Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated (BPCI) chairperson Stella Marquez Araneta headed the panel of judges responsible for deciding who would get the Best in Talent award, which will be announced during the live coronation night on April 30. This year, only 13 out of the 40 candidates bravely signed up for the talent competition.

    Interestingly, in the international competitions that the Bb Pilipinas winners compete in (Universe, International, Intercontinental, Supranational, Grand International, and Globe), there is no talent portion involved. Also, the talent portion is not part of the overall scoring in determining the Bb Pilipinas winners.

    So why is there a Bb Pilipinas talent competition? Why would a candidate join knowing that it is not part of the scoring?

    The traditional pageant answer to that is so a candidate can share her God-given talent to others and be an inspiration to young girls. The fresh and spunky pageant answer would simply be that they are born performers, love to entertain people, and get an adrenaline rush by being on stage. (WATCH: Bb Pilipinas 2017 candidates perform at talent competition)

    Outstanding performances

    Bb # 17 Camille Manalo
    – It was very refreshing to see a pretty girl in a ponytail and full makeup beating up some guys. Camille was accompanied by 4 guys during her taekwondo demonstration, where her flying kicks cut wooden boards in half. She showed everyone why she was a member of the Philippine taekwondo national team and a gold medalist during the 2011 SEA Games. Maybe she can teach the rest of the candidates some self-defense moves.


    Bb #3 Maria Angelica de Leon – Mariel mesmerized the audience with her beauty even before she started to sing, and they fell in love with her as she sang the operatic version of "My Heart Will Go On" both in Italian and English. The first half of the song showed the soft, tender side of her angelic voice. By the latter part of the song, her powerful voice hit those high notes like a dream.

    Bb # 2 Arienne Calingo – Everything about Arienne's performance was on point (pun intended). She looked divine in her white ballet costume performing Mikhail Fokine's "The Dying Swan". From the moment she went up on her tippy toes, her arms flailing gracefully and that strained facial expression grasping for air, Arienne was elegance personified.

    Bb #5 Joselle Mariano – Looking stunning in her red asymmetric gown, Joselle belted out "I Dreamed a Dream" flawlessly. She could have very well been competing in one of the reality-based talent competitions. Her voice had power and it was filled with emotions.
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    Girls and their guitars

    Bb #25 Clarice Villareal
    – She channeled her inner Audrey Hepburn by playing the guitar and singing "Moon River". It was a calming number that highlighted Clarice's chill personality.

    Bb #35 Thoreen Halvorsen – Thoreen played the guitar and sang Katy Perry's "Roar", getting the audience singing along. Her song choice proved key to a memorable performance.


    Bb #39 Elizabeth Clenci – There was just something really cool about Elizabeth's vibe as she played the bass guitar to Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely". It was evident that this is something she's really passionate about as she's been a full-time session bassist.


    The other candidates had the following performances.

    Bb #1 Dane Marasigan – Dane sang a very ambitious song – "It's All Coming Back To Me Now" by Celine Dion.


    Bb #23 Ara Salientes – Ara performed a spoken piece dedicated to her mother.

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    Bb #40 Kristel Guelos – Kristel delighted the audience with a magic routine.


    Bb #4 Jessica Ramirez and Bb #27 Beatrice Valente both showed what speed painting was all about.



    Bb #36 Gillian Colcol – Gillian was the only dancer in the group, performing a contemporary piece.


    It takes a lot of guts to perform in front of others, but it's even more nerve-racking when you know you're being judged as a beauty pageant contestant. These women know that the audience – and also social media – can be vicious, but they chose to join the talent competition. For that alone, they deserve applause. As strong role models, they showed that you can pursue your passion regardless of what others think.

    Even if the scores won't be part of the scoring in the actual pageant, these candidates left a great impression on those who saw them perform. Taekwondo, ballet, singing, playing an instrument – these all take discipline as well as hours and hours of training. It is a testament to the candidates' character that they are willing to put in the effort to learn something and be great at it.

    These women aren't just confident, beautiful, intelligent, and charismatic. You can definitely add talented. This year's talent competition certainly echoes BPCI's effort to showcase Filipinas who are "women of change." – Rappler.com
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    Parang wit ko bet ang mga KF girls dizz year.

    1-10 Surprised sa freshness ni Calingo pero di siya matangkad at konti pa para gumanda. Jehza Huelar!
    11-20 Sirene Sutton at Mariel de Leon!
    21-30 Dindi Pajares! Maganda sana si Ruffa Nava peru (lima, peru) wit impressive sa interview si ateng.
    31-40 Mej disappointed kay Katarina Rodriguez. Charmaine Elima at Gabriela Ortega!

    Charmaine Elima
    Mariel De Leon
    Sirene Sutton
    Rachel Thomas
    Katarina Rodriguez
    Gabriela Ortega
    Jehza Huelar

    These girls will get the 7 crowns.
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    photo.jpg Bb. Pilipinas Official

    Published on Apr 10, 2017
    Check out the behind the scenes shoot for this year's Jag Jeans Denim Queen Award.
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    Bb. Pilipinas bet shares throwback photo with Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere
    Published April 16, 2017 2:33pm

    Binibini number 24 Dindi Pajares is taking a temporary leave from being in the clouds and is instead reaching for her dreams—but she's keeping inspiration she gained from serving as a flight attendant for Philippine Airlines, which fans would know is the official carrier for the 65th Miss Universe.

    Pajares was on duty during the competition and she had the opportunity to take a photo with French beauty queen Iris Mittenaere, who eventually won the crown.

    She captioned the photo with a simple, "Hi Miss Universe."


    Fans cheered for Pajares and said it's a "sign" of great things.

    Pajares previously joined Binibining Pilipinas in 2011, making it to the Top 20. This year, she's competing with her sister Kimberly.

    The new Binibining Pilipinas queens will be crowned on April 30 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

    — Aya Tantiangco/BM, GMA News
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    Bb Pilipinas 2017: Women of change
    This year's aspiring beauty queens epitomize the modern Filipina

    Voltaire E. Tayag
    Published 9:20 PM, April 16, 2017

    "I don't feel any pressure right now..."
    "Quiet please! Umm, I would chose to be beautiful..."

    These are just a couple of the infamous Q&A responses in Binibining Pilipinas history that made many cringe, and led to others making sweeping generalizations that beauty pageants are superficial. The numerous YouTube videos of Q&A "fails" also perpetuate the stereotype that beauty queens aren't smart.

    But the Bb Pilipinas 2017 TV commercials are heralding a new kind of beauty queen. She's a woman of change. She is a woman whose physical beauty is enhanced by other equally important qualities. She is confident, empowered, and a catalyst for changing the public's perception of a beauty queen.

    The Bb Pilipinas pageant was founded by Stella Marquez Araneta in 1964 and has since been the official franchise holder of the Miss Universe Organization. Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated (BPCI) has produced many beauty queens who have become successful actresses, models, politicians, businesswomen, and most importantly, loving mothers. Despite that, there is still a widespread belief that beauty pageants are merely for intellectually challenged women.

    This "women of change" campaign comes at a very good time. Take a look at the statistics:

    -In the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report (GGPR) 2013, the Philippines ranked 5th out of 136 countries, making it the only Asian country to enter the top 10 since 2006. The Philippines' Gender Gap Index (GGI) is 0.7832.

    -Iceland, Finland, Norway, and Sweden are the only countries with higher GGIs. A score of 1.0 mean men and women are statistically equal based on several parameters.

    -The GGPR index assesses countries on how well they divide resources and opportunities among male and female populations, regardless of the overall levels of these resources. The report measures the size of the gender inequality gap in 4 areas: economic participation and opportunity, educational attainment, political empowerment, and health and survival.

    Between 1970 and 2009 the number of female-headed households increased from:
      1970 – 10.0%
      1990 – 11.3%
      2003 – 15.4%
      2009 – 21.2%

    Overseas Filipino workers in 2012 – 2.22 million in total
      Female – 1.072 million (48.3%)
      Male – 1.148 million (51.7%)

    The literacy rate in terms of gender:
      Female – 97.6%
      Male – 97.4%

    Data from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) in 2014/2015:
      Higher education graduates – 632,076 graduates in total
      Female graduates – 365,369 graduates
      Male graduates – 266,707 graduates

    According to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), there were 41,342,000 employed in 2015:
      Female – 16,280,000
      Male – 25,062,000

    *** Figures were rounded off in the report.
      Total Philippine population – 27,087,685 (1960) and 92,337,852 (2010)
      Male – 13,662,869 (1960) and 46,459,318 (2010)
      Female – 13,424,816 (1960) and 45,638,660 (2010)

    Simply stated, women in the Philippines are highly educated and productive members of society who have active roles in all facets. The opportunities of education and employment are open to them and they are taking advantage of it.

    Today, the Filipina is a beautiful, confident, educated, and empowered woman who is actively contributing to the progress of our nation.

    The modern Filipina is well represented by the 40 candidates of Bb Pilipinas 2017. These are women who can make a difference for the better in our society and are catalysts of positive change in the world.

    In this year's Bb Pilipinas batch, 34 of the 40 candidates have college degrees, both from local and international universities. Seven of the 34 college graduates also received academic honors (magna ***** laude, ***** laude, with honors).

    Based on the listed records on the Bb Pilipinas website, we have the following:

    -7 candidates successfully passed national licensure exams for their profession
    -Two certified public accountants (Bb #8 Leitz Camyll Ang from Malabon and Bb #28 Juliana Kapeundl from Balayan, Batangas)
    -One European-licensed architect (Bb #34 Gabriela Patricia Ortega from Makati City)
    -Two licensed interior designers (Bb #4 Jessica Ramirez from Oriental Mindoro and Bb #38 Ana Patricia Asturias from Tacloban)
    -One licensed veterinarian (Bb #3 Maria Gail Tobes from Catarman, Northern Samar)
    -One license nurse (Bb #30 Mae Liezel Ramos from Naga City)
    -One taekwondo gold medalist in the SEA Games (Bb #17 Camille Manalo from Silang, Cavite)
    -One cadet pilot (Bb #18 Nelda Ibe from Tarlac City)
    -One copywriter for a local beauty brand (Bb #36 Gillian Colcol from Antipolo City, Rizal)
    -8 fashion models
    -4 flight attendants

    BPCI has done an outstanding job choosing intelligent and accomplished young women. These women joined the pageant simply because they can and aren't bound by any stereotypes.

    Last year's winners already epitomized this new, empowered Bb Pilipinas queen.

    -Bb Pilipinas-Universe Maxine Medina has a degree in Interior Design.
    -Bb Pilipinas International and Miss International 2016 Kylie Versoza is a preschool teacher.
    -Bb Pilipinas Grand International Nicole Cordoves was a speechwriter at the Department of Finance.
    -Bb Pilipinas Intercontinental Jennifer Ruth Medina is a registered nurse.
    -Bb Pilipinas Globe Nichole Manalo is a registered nurse.
    -Bb Pilipinas Supranational Joanna Louise Eden was an International Studies student at De La Salle University.

    We've often heard this question asked at pageants: "Would you choose to either be beautiful or smart?" There is no need, however, to make a woman choose one or the other. It just perpetuates that stereotype that beauty contestants are airheads. In the spirit of change, it is my hope that beauty pageants refrain from asking this question.

    Being intelligent or educated doesn't always equate to good speaking skills or being witty in answering a question within 30 seconds in front of thousands of people while wearing a swimsuit and high heels. Academic achievement is not a guarantee that they won't mess up in the Q&A portion. Even in life, it does not determine our success but is only part of the elements needed for success.

    On top of that, these women learn from their pageant life how to endure grueling schedules, undergo hours of physical training, practice discipline in dieting, deal with social media bashing, and master the art of dealing with all kinds of people.

    It's not simply one's resumé that matters, but the totality of the person that separates a winner from the rest.

    Unfortunately, there will always be people who believe that beauty pageants are sexist and demeaning to women. In the Philippines, particularly, some consider pageants as the venue where rich men and politicians find their trophy wives. Worse yet are those who believe that some candidates are high-class prostitutes or starlets looking for their quick road to fame.

    Sadly, these are beliefs that have been espoused throughout the years. While there's no denying that some may have been true, it is extremely unfair to condemn beauty pageants completely.

    Regardless of how Miss Universe or Bb Pilipinas would be rebranded to show that candidates are empowered young women, some will still be against them. In fact, even if there were 40 candidates who are UP summa ***** laudes working as CEOs, there will still be narrow-minded naysayers putting down the pageant.

    But this shouldn't stop these amazing organizations from giving young women an opportunity to show the world what they are capable of doing. Pageants let candidates raise awareness of important causes and enable them to reach out to those in need.

    For more than half a century, young Filipina girls have dreamed of becoming Bb Pilipinas. Women have since redefined their role in society, showing young girls that dreams and goals can be achieved with hard work.

    The modern beauty queen – passionate and driven – reflects the new ideal of what it means to be beautiful. – Rappler.com
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    Exclusive! A Day with the Binibinis at David’s Salon Academy
    Posted by Norman on April 18, 2017

    David Charlton of David’s Salon posed
    with the Binibinis and their precious loot bags

    The whole of Monday was literally spent by team normannorman.com at the David’s Salon Academy in Makati City where Joy Arguil, Joseph Gerard Jose and I bonded and took photos with the Binibinis of Bb. Pilipinas 2017 upon the exclusive invitation of Marketing Manager Lotte Villarosa-Agraviador. The event started with a short lecture on the role of the salon company in the nationals, followed by delightful games that were gleefully participated in by the ladies and the stylists. Right about lunchtime, everyone was treated to a simple but yummy buffet before the pampering sessions started. Everyone was treated to relaxing back massages, mani/pedi and foot spas that were accompanied by cool loot bags that contained products that will help them maintain healthy hair and nails.

    Hair and Make-Up consultations were also made with the assigned stylists for each Binibini and were given experimental approaches as to what facial applications best suit them. And to cap everything off, David’s Salon owner David Charlton dropped by to have group photos with the ladies and even brought them easter egg chocolates which came all the way from London.

    The Binibinis had HMU consultations with their assigned stylists
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    There were also fun games that set the mood right for the day

    The Binibinis were also given pampering back massages,
    foot spas and mani/pedi

    It was fun all throughout, especially for your blogger who really took the opportunity to spend quality time talking to almost everyone. I can now safely say that this is a 99% cool batch of ladies who have the right attitude and personalities to compete for the crowns at stake. Why did I say 99%? Well, you do the math. No batch is uber perfect since there will always be an odd one out in terms of chemistry with everyone. I won’t name a name anymore since she is just one different apple in terms of character and disposition. Who knows, she might still improve her ways and turn out good in less than two weeks’ time.

    Allow me also to point out the quality bonding I spent with random Binibinis. I say random because I caught them by their lonesome at given moments and the initial pleasantries turned into more meaningful chats in the process. Big shoutout to [#]Binibini2[/#] Arienne Calingo, [#]Binibini19[/#] Rachel Peters, [#]Binibini2[/#]0 Christa Borja, [#]Binibini2[/#]1 Jamaica Ambal, [#]Binibini2[/#]3 Arah Salientes, [#]Binibini31[/#] Katarina Rodriguez, [#]Binibini32[/#] Charmaine Elima, [#]Binibini33[/#] Istie Cequeña, [#]Binibini37[/#] Sammie Anne Legaspi and [#]Binibini39[/#] Elizabeth Clenci. I loved practically all of them, though!

    David Charlton with the Binibinis and the stylists assigned to the ladies

    Till our next event, Binibinis!
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    Bb. Pilipinas 2017| Jag Jeans’ Live Style and Beauty Sessions
    Posted by Norman on April 20, 2017




    Want to get up close and personal with the Binibinis of Bb. Pilipinas 2017? Then head on over to the Jag Store at Ayala Market!Market! in BGC tomorrow afternoon from 2pm-6pm to catch them do Live Style and Beauty Sessions while showing off the latest cool denims in the Jag Long Legs Collection of the popular brand. Reigning titleholders Nicole Cordoves, Joanna Eden and Nichole Manalo will be around to lead the group.

    Photo ops will surely be had. It will be a fun activity, I promise! See you there!


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    Bb. Pilipinas 2017 Photo Blog: Sponsor Visit at AXA Philippines
    Posted by Norman on April 20, 2017



    Earlier during the day, the Binibinis of Bb. Pilipinas 2017 made a Sponsor Visit to the main office of the Official Insurer of the pageant – AXA Philippines and Charter Ping-An Insurance Corp. What was initially thought of as just a typical drop-by activity for the ladies turned out to be a lively social event for the company as the ladies invited the attention of many. normannorman.com was there to cover the event upon the invitation of AXA Philippines Brand Marketing and Communications Director Donna Marcelo and Chief Customer Officer Amor Balagtas. Charter Ping-An General Insurance Officer Claude Seigne was filled with joy as he mixed it up well with everyone.

    The six (6) titleholders of Bb. Pilipinas 2017 will each receive PhP2M worth of life insurance from the company, with the two runners-up receiving PhP1M insurance each. Not bad.

    Here are more photos taken by my partner Joy Arguil from the event.



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