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MAYWARD FLYERS: Oh Oh Titig ng Pagibig. Skrengge Ate at Kuya. BALIW!- Plane # 2





  • sushirollssushirolls Member PExer
    Welcome Home Flyers! :flyer::flyer::flyer::flyer:

    Please make sure to read highlights about Maymay and Edward below, their biographies and recent achievements, awards, articles, mall shows, concerts, recordings, fan meetings, fan arts, fan groups and much more kilig moments.

    They are fun reads because, with MayWard family, it is always a fun ride :love:

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    Nickname: MayMay

    Birth Date: May 6, 1997 (age 19)

    Hometown: Cagayan De Oro, Misamis Oriental

    :spinstar:MORE ABOUT MAYMAY:spinstar:

    Marydale "MayMay" Entrata is a teen housemate on Pinoy Big Brother 7
    She's dubbed as the Miss Wacky-Go-Lucky of Cagayan de Oro because of her wacky and funny personality.

    Maymay was the lucky teen housemate chosen by the Celebrity housemates after accomplishing 6 out of 7 lucky tasks to become a fully pledged housemate for the second part which is the Teen Edition.

    She entered the house a day after the Celebrity finalists were announced. It would be also the day where the Celebrity finalists would temporarily leave the house to give way for the Teen Edition. Maymay was the first teen housemate to enter the house and since being the lucky teen housemate, the Celebrity finalists gave him a dramatic welcome challenging how she'll act in an unpleasant situation.

    Throughout her stay in the house, she made a close friendship with Kisses whom she treats as her bestfriend inside the house as well as Edward. Maymay is known as the most pranked housemate of the season. Big Brother loves to pull pranks on Maymay throughout the Teen Edition. The two most notable were the series of pranks by Big Brother when Maymay requests for her idol, the Filipino actor, Enrique Gil to visit the house, but later rewarded her with a private date with Enrique on Week 10, and on Week 17 was the prank started by Tannner and then by Big Brother himself, making MayMay think that she slept for two days and with the help of her fellow teen and adult housemates, they pretended they were gone and then returned to the house as if it's already morning and wondering why Maymay was missing for two days. She was also known for her crazy Diary Room moments with Big Brother and her funny and wacky antics.

    She was also among the three teen housemates who were never nominated for eviction through nominations, in which all of them were among the last four remaining teen housemates in the house.

    She was the first housemate who temporarily left the house more than once without the 24 hour limit and then returned after a few days. She left the house twice on Week 8 to attend the wake and the burial of her grandfather who died while she was inside the house.

    On Week 19, after Kisses became the second teen finalist, Maymay was left with Yong on the nominations' list for the third and the last spot in the finals. After a week, Maymay won with 57.57% of votes while Yong got 45.43% of votes, making her third and the last teen housemate to be have a spot on the finals.

    A day after the 3 teen finalists or as they dub it the "3 Lucky Suns" were finally completed, Maymay,Kisses and Edward temporarily left the house. They were also yet to pick the next lucky housemate since they won 6 out of their 7 Lucky Tasks, which will happen in the future.


    Marydale "MayMay" Entrata is a 19-year old student from Cagayan De Oro, studying at Mindanao University of Science and Technology (MUST). She was selected by the celebrity housemates themselves from the pool of auditionees. Her father left when she was one year old to start a new family, while her mother is an overseas worker based in Japan.
    There’s never a dull moment whenever the housemates bond with 19-year old Maymay Entrata and for her, she could easily describe herself as “cheerful.” The “Wacky-go-lucky of Cagayan de Oro” shared that the reason she joined Pinoy Big Brother is to get her mom and brother back who are currently in Japan.

    Maymay also came from a big family and she also wishes to take her family back in Davao since not all of them are working. When asked if she idolizes any of the past housemates, she said, “They said I'm like the two, Kim (Chui) and Melai (Cantiveros) and if combined KiMelai.”

    When asked why she deserves to be the big winner, she answered, “I want to be an inspiration to everyone.”

    “I will do everything to be an inspiration for everyone especially to those who are hopeless to reach their dreams,” she added.

    Before joining PBB, Maymay was an ordinary college student and she shared that there was a time when her allowance going to school is just P5. She said that she has the option to spend that P5 for her transportation or for her food but she always chose to buy food instead.

    For her, she describes the word love as “You don't know how to care for someone if you there's no love, that's the most important for me” while family is “they're you're life-long companion to everything.”

    When asked about God she said that He is the source of everything and this is all temporary.
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    Look back on our babies journey at our first ever MayWard PEX Forum

    Plane #1 MAYWARD (MayMay Entrata and Edward Barber)


    Recall your earliest memories of MayWard. Smile and get kilig again!

    Enjoy! :love:
  • gwenzieCgwenzieC Member ✭✭✭

    Nickname: Ed
    Birth Date: June 15, 2000
    Hometown: Germany

    :spinstar:MORE ABOUT EDWARD:spinstar:

    Edward Barber is a teen housemate in Pinoy Big Brother 7.
    He's dubbed as the Cheerful Charmer of Germany because of his cheerful personality.

    During his stay in the house, he formed a close friendship with Marco and Heaven, as well as Maymay whom he considered as his twin due to their cheerful personalities. Some fans even shipped them and formed "Mayward" themselves. Edward and Maymay recorded Maymay's own written song inside the house on Week 16.

    On Week 14, Edward was chosen by the military officers to lead his housemates on their 6th Lucky Task called Big Brother Army Mission where in military officers went inside the house and gave military training to the teen housemates for the whole week. They later traveled outside to Mount Taal where an obstacle course was prepared for them related to their military training and must reach the peak of a hill. They eventually finished the course, winning their 6th Lucky Task.

    On Week 16, the male teen housemates participated in the Big Jump Competition for them to snatch a "Lucky Sun" slot for the finale. Edward eventually won the competition making him the first Teen housemate to become a finalist of the 7th season .


    Edward Barber is a 16-year-old from Germany. He was the first housemate to be revealed prior to entering the Big Brother House. He was born and raised in Germany from her Filipina mother and a British-German father. He is fluent in speaking German.
    In one word, 15-year-old Edward Barber who was dubbed as the “Cheerful Charmer ng Germany,” described himself as crazy.

    Sharing his life prior to joining PBB, he said, “It was mostly focus on school and my friends, of course. Like the biggest thing I had to worry about were exams and girls. It was just really simple, a (typical) teenager’s life.”

    He also recalled one big achievement he attained that’s school-related, “There was a Latin reading competition and it was inter-school and I got second place so that was a big achievement for me because I put a lot of work into it.”

    As for the reason why he joined the reality show, Edward said, “The experience, straight away. If I say no to it, I’m never going to get the chance to do it again.” He also said that his motto is clothing brand's tagline, “Just do it.”
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    paawra!!! ang ganda gwen!!! thank you sa paggawa na bagong kubo natin..

    [tweet] post ko ulit, ang ganda eh.. nag iisa lang talaga si mayang..:love:
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